4 Things You Can Do While Surviving Snowpocalypse

We get it. There are multiple feet of snow on the ground and you’re really only doing the bare minimum to get by until the thaw. Historic amounts of snow are pounding the East Coast this weekend, and horses and people alike are feeling the ill effects.

So after your horses are safely tucked away in their shelter, here are a few things you can do to pass the time while you wait for the fluffy white stuff to disappear and wonder why you didn’t hop on the Florida bus when you had the chance.

1. Get your education on.

A quiet day at home is always a good opportunity to learn something new. While it may be too brutal outside to get any riding done, you can still have your to-do list ready to go for the next time you hop aboard.

2. Can’t jump outside? No problem.

Come on, you’re telling us you’ve never set up a “course” of “jumps” in your basement? We call shenanigans. Trust us, we won’t judge you. We might even join you.

3. Better yet — grab your unsuspecting indoor pet and show them a whole new world.

4. If you’re still feeling ambitious, we challenge you to a snow horse making competition:

Go ahead and try and top that.

In all seriousness, we hope you all are staying safe and warm with your horses during this big blizzard. Spring will be here before we know it! Stay strong, eventerland.