4 Times When Richland Park HT Got Real Midwestern on Us

When I say Richland is in the middle of a cornfield, I mean that Richland is LEGITIMATELY in the middle of a cornfield. (OK, there are some soybeans too, but mostly corn.)

But you can’t help but love that, instead of getting all uppity-up wine-and-cheese dog-and-pony show with their event, Richland has opted to just embrace its inner Farmer Joe.

“Chinches of the Corn” #richlandpark #chinchstagram #goeventing

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Here are four times they took the Midwestern agriculture theme and just ran with it:

When they served whole ears of corn, harvested just that morning, at the competitor’s party.


The secret ingredient: crock pots of melted butter.



And then everybody sat around in the grass and ate it.

And then we ate it, on the cob, on the ground. And I definitely saw some apple pie moonshine being passed around as well.

When they used corn as a cross-country theme.

Thought experiment: What if... the water complex was filled with melted butter? Maybe next year...

Thought experiment: What if… the water complex was filled with melted butter? Maybe next year.

Corn as ground line.

Corn as ground line.

When the show jumping course, too, was agri-themed.

Round bales...

Round bales…

...bending line to the corn husks...

…bending line to the corn husks…


…related distance to some sunflowers.

And last but not least, when Richland’s neighbors decided to dress up their round bales.

Hey there!

Hey there!

Hey, back at ya!

Hey, back at ya!

Go Midwestern Eventing.

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