52 Thoroughbreds Find Homes via Facebook in 4 Days

In a heartwarming story about the power of horses and social media to unite people around the world, 52 abandoned horses destined for slaughter have found homes and been saved in a matter of days.  TheHorse.com has posted the full story:

“Lynn Boggs recently turned to [Facebook] to find homes for 52 Ohio Thoroughbreds in need.  Boggs’ close friend, Daniel C. Sterns, DVM, died on Jan. 27. [Boggs] was instantly faced the task of rehoming Sterns’ 52 Thoroughbreds…

After Sterns’ son dismantled his father’s breeding and racing farm, he gave Boggs and her boyfriend, Jerry Noss, a week to find homes for the 52 horses. He planned to send any unadopted animals to auction. Boggs, who owns 10 racehorses herself, posted a plea for help on her Facebook page…Boggs’ post spread like wildfire. Countless people reposted it on Facebook, tweeted it on Twitter, and e-mailed it around the globe.

The impromptu Facebook campaign was more successful than Boggs could have imagined–she received more than 4,000 phone calls and hundreds of text messages about the horses…

Four days later, on Feb. 1, the last horse left the farm around 10:30 p.m.”  [TheHorse.com]

Eventing Nation’s good friend Jackie Smith, of Ohio, adopted two of the horses and Jackie emailed us that you can read about their adventures from the horses’ perspective at Jackie’s blog. [The Adventures of Jack and Jill]

I can’t say enough about the wonderful work of Jackie and all the other people who helped to spread the word and find homes for these horses.  I can’t wait to see some of these 52 Facebook horses grow up to become great eventers.  Go eventing!

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