6 Cures for Your WEG Hangover

So long, Tryon! Photo by Leslie Wylie.

First day post-WEG feels a bit like you’ve been spinning around in a tumble dryer for a week, and you’ve just been spit out with a mammoth horse show hangover. We are right there with you. Aside from Advil and a Gatorade, here’s what we’d suggest to solve that WEG hangover:

1. Check in on EN’s WEG coverage. EN cranked out 66 articles while on site in Tryon, and it won’t hurt our feelings if you didn’t read it all (So. Many. Words.). But now that it’s all said and done, you might find some cool stuff that you missed. You can find all our WEG coverage at this link.

2. Take some time to re-watch the action. We’d strongly suggest you find a few friends, pour your drink of choice and watch the cross country from start to finish. This was what EN did with our “day off” Sunday, because in the heat of the action you end up missing so much. All eventing phases are now available on demand through FEI TV.

Posted by Plantation Field Horse Trials on Tuesday, August 14, 2018

3. Try the hair of the dog route. Instead of curing that WEG hangover, why not run headfirst straight into the next one? Plantation Field starts tomorrow and carries on through the weekend to help ease that WEG hangover. USEF Network is offering a live stream beginning Thursday, Sept. 20, which you can find at this link, and EN will be on site to bring you all the latest.

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4. Don’t forget there’s so much more to come at WEG. With Para Dressage, Vaulting, Show Jumping and Combined Driving all being held this week. There’s plenty to discretely stream in your office to hold you over! Find a detailed schedule with times at this link. Don’t forget you can watch it all on FEI TV. Here’s what you can expect for week 2:

Para-Dressage Schedule:

September 18: Individuals Day 1 and Medal Ceremony
September 19: Individuals Day 2 and Medal Ceremony
September 20: Team Day 1
September 21: Team Day 2 and Medal Ceremony
September 22: Freestyle and Medal Ceremony

Vaulting Schedule: 

September 18: Squad Compulsory and Individual Competition
September 19: Teams Freestyle (Including Pas de Deux Freestyle) and Medal Ceremony
September 20: Individual Technical, Squad Freestyle and Pas de Deux Freestyle and Medal Ceremony
September 22: Individual and Squad Freestyle and Medal Ceremony

Show Jumping Schedule:

September 19: Team Competition/ Individual Round 1
September 20: Team Competition Round 2/Individual Qualifier (Round 2)
September 21: Team Finals & Medal Ceremony
September 23: Individual Finals & Medal Ceremony

Driving Schedule: 

September 21: Dressage
September 22: Marathon
September 23: Cones and Medal Ceremony

Photo by Leslie Threlkeld.

5. Take solace in the fact that tickets for the Land Rover Kentucky Three-Day Event go on sale in less than a month! Set a calendar alert for October 15th at 9 a.m. because that’s when they’ll officially open. Click here for all the details.  

6. Go ride your pony. Nothing is more inspiring than watching the best riders in the world. Take what you’ve seen in the last week and try to  emulate it. I, personally, will be trying to channel my inner Ros Canter for the next forever until I can learn to ride properly!

Thanks for coming along with us on this crazy ride. This week played out in ways we never expected, but it was nothing short of a pleasure to do it all for y’all.

Go WEG. Go Eventing.