8 GIFs That Perfectly Articulate How Aiken Smells

More than 10,000 people are still without power in Aiken this morning. That’s a lot of horse people who haven’t had a shower since before the historic ice storm struck last week.

At first, it’s funny that you all smell like helmet stank and horse poop.


Then you realize people are starting to notice how badly you need a shower.


And they aren’t even trying to hide their reactions anymore.

bad-smell-o (1)

Even the dogs aren’t turning a blind eye anymore.


So you finally use a friend’s shower, which is pretty much the best moment of your life.


Like literally one of the best moments of your life.


Then you smell one of your unclean friends, and you’re not sure what horrifies you more: the stench or the fact that you know you also smelled like that for five days.


Just celebrate the fact that you’re finally clean.


Hang in there, Aikenites.



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