Social Media Spotlight: A Beautiful Day for Jogs on Both Coasts

Ellen Doughty-Hume & Sir Oberon. Photo courtesy of Ellen's FB.

Ellen Doughty-Hume & Sir Oberon. Photo courtesy of Ellen’s FB.

This weekend we have two sets of three day events happening simultaneously: Galway Downs CCI*, CCI2* and CCI3* on the west coast, and the famed Virginia CCI* on the east coast. Both are known for their respective challenges, and are targeted as end-of-season highlights for riders from all across the country. Jenni is slathering herself with sunscreen enjoying the California sun and bringing us all the action from that side of the country, and we’ll be sure to bring you reports from Virginia as well. Today was jogs for both competitions, with horses and riders looking their best. Let’s check out the photos they posted on social media!

Galway Downs International: [Website] [Entry Status/Times] [Live Scores]

Virginia CCI1*:  [Website] [Entry Status] [Times] [Live Scores]


While the sun is shining and the short sleeves are out in California, it’s finally starting to act like October/November in Virginia, bringing out some of the fall coats for the jogs. I give an A+ to Kristin Carpenter for donning that brilliant red jacket to flatter her black mare Khaleesi.

Photo via Kristin Carpenter's FB.

Photo via Kristin Carpenter’s FB.

California weather looks significantly more…summery? Here’s Caroline Martin rocking a sleeveless dress for the jogs. Caroline and Spring Easy are competing in the CCI2* at Galway Downs.

Photo via Ashley Adams' FB.

Photo via Ashley Adams’ FB.


After suffering disappointment at Fair Hill, Lizzie Snow and Coal Creek are none worse for the wear and have re-routed to Galway. They passed the jogs for the CCI3* with flying colors, and a very chic skirt!

Photo via Ashley Adams' FB.

Photo via Ashley Adams’ FB.


While Buck is in California, Team BDJ is still representing strong at VAHT. Woodge Fulton is riding Captain Jack in the CCIJR* and Katy Groesbeck is taking Roman Palace around his first CCI*. Remember the article we did recently on Katy and Roman? Good luck guys!

Photo via Karen Fulton's FB.

Photo via Karen Fulton’s FB.


Mara DePuy rides Congo Brazzaville in his first CCI* at Virginia, and she pretty much nailed the “autumn chic” look. Agree?

Photo via Mara DePuy Eventing FB.

Photo via Mara DePuy Eventing FB.


Lucia Strini is one of the many who made the trek from east to west for Galway Downs this year. She’s re-routed Petite Filou from Fair Hill to the CCI2* in California, and has My Royal Cooley along for the ride to do his first CCI*.

Photo via Plain Dealing Eventing FB.

Photo via Plain Dealing Eventing FB.


It might be colder here in Virginia, but in my opinion there is nothing quite like the views of VA in the fall. I mean, look at it!

Photo via Jaclyn Burke's FB.

Photo via Jaclyn Burke’s FB.


Leave it to Laine Ashker to blow us all away on the runway jog strip! She’s got Jolly Good Sport in the CCI* at Virginia, and if that name seems familiar, its because he won the bareback puissance at Great Meadow this summer, jumping 5’1!

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