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Kate Samuels is an avid 3-Day Eventer who currently competes at the Advanced/3* level with her wonderful Selle Francais gelding, Nyls du Terroir. A rider since the tender age of three, she is a young professional in the sport learning as much as she can from various mentors, both equine and human. Kate has worked for Eventing Nation since 2011, and has enjoyed every minute of it. She brings a lifetime of experience with horses as well as a wealth of knowledge gained through competing at the top levels of the sport. When not riding through the boiling hot, freezing cold, rain or snow, Kate enjoys baking pies, photography, and finding ridiculous videos on the internet.

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Friday News & Notes from World Equestrian Brands

The next generation! Photo courtesy of von Sacksen Eventing.

I’m thankful to have reached the end of another ungodly hot week in Virginia, but what I am not thankful for is trying to manage horses and dogs through the July 4th weekend and hoping no horses freak out in the field and no dogs keep me up all night panting in my face. I’ve never been a fan of fireworks, and I live way out in the country so you’d think I would avoid them, but sadly even I am not immune to crazy neighbors. Keep your ponies safe this weekend y’all!

National Holiday: National Chocolate Wafer Day

Weekend Preview:

Twin Rivers Summer H.T. : [Website] [Ride Times]

Winona H.T: [Website] [Ride Times]

The Maryland International + H.T.: [Website] [Entry Status]

Chattahoochee Hills H.T.: [Website] [Entry Status] [Ride Times]

Spring Gulch H.T.: [Website] [Ride Times]

Larkin Hill H.T.: [Website] [Entry Status] [Ride Times]

News From Around the Globe:

Walking sounds boring, but actually, it’s worth your time to know more exercises for the walk. If you’re rehabbing, or hoping to improve your dressage scores, check out this article on exercises in 20 minutes that will make your walk work much less mundane. [20 Minute Walk Workouts]

Hot summer study: how to cool off your horse in the most efficient way possible. Whether you’re recovering from a cross country round, a lesson in the afternoon, or just a long ride in the sun, helping your horse cool down is really important to their health. A new study shows that the best method isn’t about scraping, walking, or standing in front of a fan. Read on to find out the best way. [A Comparison of Five Cooling Methods]

Sir Mark Todd, is there anything you CAN’T do? Now retired after winning two Olympic gold medals and pretty much everything else in Eventing, he’s turning his hand at racehorses again, but this time in the UK. He’s now logged his first winner on English turf, following the opening of certain races after COVID. [Sir Mark Todd: Winning Racehorse Trainer]

Thursday News & Notes from Taylor Harris Insurance Services (THIS)

Baby horse moves! Photo by Photography in Stride. (BTW congrats to Photography In Stride’s own Miranda Akins who won the Open Intro division with her own Curious Behavior!)

This great photo was a reader submission from the Hackamore Farm Mini Trial last Sunday in North Jackson, Ohio. Featuring some super cool baby horse moves courtesy of Audrey Felicijan’s 6-year-old OTTB gelding, Star in the Bar, ridden by Kelly Williams … the fact that he’s 17-hands makes this Open Very Green division obstacle appear all the smaller! It was his second mini trials and the pair finished 5th with no jump penalties. Should we say that he shows promise for cross country? View results from this well-run schooling event here.

National Holiday: National Anisette Day

Weekend Preview:

Twin Rivers Summer H.T. : [Website] [Ride Times]

Winona H.T: [Website] [Ride Times]

The Maryland International + H.T.: [Website] [Entry Status]

Chattahoochee Hills H.T.: [Website] [Entry Status] [Ride Times]

Spring Gulch H.T.: [Website] [Ride Times]

Larkin Hill H.T.: [Website] [Entry Status] [Ride Times]

News From Around the Globe:

Competitions may be slowly restarting, but with an uncertain fall future, you can always keep working on your mental game as a rider. Honestly, riding is maybe 50% physical, but at this point I’m not even sure about that much. Daniel Stewart talks about two defense mechanisms, and two better coping mechanisms this month that will undoubtedly help you ride better. [Your Ego Isn’t Your Amigo]

Yeah, I’m missing CHIO Aachen this month too, you’re not alone. The organizers decided to have a little fun, however, and are hosting a Champions of Champions tournament, with horses who finished in the top five from previous Aachen competitions. Using EquiRatings and SAP Predictive Analytics, they’re able to put horses like Toytown against SAP Hale Bob. Ready to watch? [Champion of Champions Tournament]

Regardless of discipline, Laura Graves and Verdades are every horse girls’ dream. But, it was definitely not a road paved with daisies, as Laura recounts in this excerpt from “Riding For The Team” all the times that Diddy was absolutely impossible and wild as a young horse. [The Making of Diddy]

Podcast: Major League Eventing podcast hosts Karen and Rob Chat with Liz Halliday-Sharp, Jennie Brannigan and Caroline Martin on another installment of the Event Riders Roundtable. [Listen]

Video: Carrying on with the theme of no-scope no-hope …

Fern you are some jumper 😇

Posted by Ema Klugman on Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Friday News & Notes from World Equestrian Brands

Amish flowers for an Australian horse. Photo by Kate Chadderton.

TGIF everyone! What are your plans for this weekend? I’m the most boring person in the world, looking forward to mowing the grass, taking a nap or two, and finishing some random farm chores that I don’t have the energy or time for during the week. That’s right, I’m 80 years old, and yes I will also be knitting with some free time if I can wrangle it.

National Holiday: National Take Your Dog To Work Day (isn’t this every day???)

U.S. Weekend Preview:

Horse Park of New Jersey H.T.: [Website][Entry Status]

Chattahoochee Hills H.T.: [Website][Entry Status][Ride Times]

Cobblestone Farms H.T.: [Website][Entry Status/Ride Times]

News From Around the Globe:

Yes, we’re riders, and yes, we are trainers. But mostly, we are supposed to be communicators with our horses, however sometimes our communication across species goes awry. In this excerpt from her book What Horses Really Want, lifelong horsewoman Lynn Acton explains how we often misinterpret our horses’ behaviors, labeling simple attempts to communicate as “bad.” [Interpreting Unwanted Behavior In Your Horse]

Horses help us all build confidence for living as our authentic selves, after all, they only accept authenticity themselves. For Ryan O’Donnell, the barn was a special kind of haven. Horses don’t show prejudice when you come out as transgender, and it doesn’t change how they feel about you when you come out as gay. Their acceptance helped him find confidence outside the barn. [Horses Build Confidence for Living Authentically]

Remember when we featured a lot of Craigslist Crazy? Boy those were the days. Let’s take a quick moment to reflect on some of the very best equine Craigslist finds. [Best of Craigslist]

Best of Blogs: 2020, You Are A Doozy


Thursday News & Notes from Taylor Harris Insurance Services (THIS)

Just some horses with their priorities straight. Photo by Stacy Emory.

Asking for a friend: is there such thing as a bit collection that doesn’t need new additions? I always felt like I had a pretty good box of bits for most occasions, and then I got this one horse who is just the weirdest dude in the world about what he likes and doesn’t like, and now I’m in the middle of trying to find a new jump bit, and it’s honestly exhausting.

National Holiday: National Catfish Day

U.S. Weekend Preview:

Horse Park of New Jersey H.T.: [Website][Entry Status]

Chattahoochee Hills H.T.: [Website][Entry Status][Ride Times]

Cobblestone Farms H.T.: [Website][Entry Status/Ride Times]

News From Around the Globe:

Love him or hate him, you can’t deny Andrew Nicholson is a BAMF. From winning five stars to pissing off his entire national federation, Andrew is unapologetically … Andrew. In a rare interview he shares details about his life as a rider, and what drives him every day now that he’s pretty much accomplished everything he can. [Absolute Andrew]

Ever wonder why horses are so uniquely talented at being therapists? I mean yes, therapists for us, but also a deeper level of therapy for people who really need help healing from trauma. Their insane ability to read body language and feel energy from another living being is greater than we even think about. [Horses Are Extraordinary Healers]

My horses have a six-step stretching process before I mount, but do I do the same for myself? Real answer: no. But I should. Guess what though, stretching as a human athlete is also a great idea! Top four stretches are for your hip flexors, your lower back, your ankle and your calves, and of course, your shoulder posture. BRB going to do some exercises. [Four Stretches for Every Equestrian]

Listen: The OnForm Coaching Show #5: Buying a Horse from EquiRatings

Watch: The Ebony Horse Club, located right in the heart of Brixton in the UK, is a community riding center that provides opportunities to gain new experiences outside the box of negative stereotypes. The club’s aim is to improve the education and aspirations of young people through contact with horses. Britain’s Olympic Gold medal winner Ben Maher paid a visit to the club’s yard.

Friday News & Notes from World Equestrian Brands

Just a cute baby, nothing else. Photo courtesy of Merle-Smith Sporthorses.

Friday! I’m looking forward to a very soggy weekend that hopefully doesn’t cancel my cross country schooling plans. Crossing all my fingers and toes that the thunderstorms hold off tomorrow long enough that I can bounce around over some logs and stuff!

National Holiday: Juneteenth

Events This Weekend:

Texas Rose HT — [Website] [Entry Status] [Ride Times] [Live Scores]

Surefire HT — [Website] [Entry Status/Ride Times] [Live Scores]

Stable View HT — [Website] [Entry Status] [Ride Times] [Live Scores]

News From Around the Globe:

Interested in getting your own adorable foal, for only $80? Inspired by Harry DeLeyer’s story of Snowman, the $80 Champion, Andy Kocher is offering a totally unique contest. With the entry fee of only $80, you can potentially become the new owner of Pippa, a royally bred 2020 filly with showjumping lines you’ll drool over. [$80 Champion Filly Contest]

All British horse organizations are galvanized to take action against racial inequality in the sports. With BE Eventing, Dressage and Showjumping signing on to The Sport and Recreation Alliance this week, they’re dedicated to confronting the ugly truth about racism and inequality. Looking forward, they’re collaborating to find ways to make positive change from within. [Sports Pledge Against Race Inequality]

A Canadian fund to help school horses who lost their jobs because of the Covid-19 pandemic has raised $150,000 in just two months. Ontario Equestrian’s emergency fundraising initiative For the Herd has a goal to raise $500,000 to support the province’s lesson horses and riding school facilities, many of which are facing the harsh realities of little to zero income and some very grim decisions. [Canadian Fund to Help School Horses]

Listen: Area IV eventers Rachel McIntosh and Liz Lund have started a new eventing podcast called Unstable and Unbridled. Available on Apple podcasts and Spotify, the pod talks about all things horses and features special guests including Tik Maynard, with many more to come!

Watch: He really did it.

Thursday News & Notes from Taylor Harris Insurance Services (THIS)

Lainey Ashker is FULLY ready for the raining week in Virginia. Photo courtesy of LAE.

Rain rain rain all week and cool weather makes me think I’m living in Ireland instead of Virginia. However, I briefly complained to my coworker earlier this week about wearing a jacket, and he said “DON’T EVEN START!” so that put me in my place. Also, I’ll be regretting that complaint this weekend when it’s back in the 90’s.

National Holiday: National Go Fishing Day

Events This Weekend:

Texas Rose HT — [Website] [Entry Status] [Ride Times] [Live Scores]

Surefire HT — [Website] [Entry Status/Ride Times] [Live Scores]

Stable View HT — [Website] [Entry Status] [Ride Times] [Live Scores]

News From Around the Globe:

Listening today: Major League Eventing interviews Meg Kep. Meg shares her unique story of how she went from working in politics to becoming a world class groom, and then fulfilling her dream of becoming an Advanced level Event rider and trainer. She bares it all, and shares her own battle with “imposter syndrome”, which is something we can all identify with. [MLE with Meg Kep]

Looking for new ways to grow your equestrian business? Don’t pass up this webinar tonight at 7 pm EST with STRIDER that focuses on digital tools for equestrians. Need some help as you transition from paper to digital on how to navigate digital resources, platforms, web apps and payment tools? You know where to click. [STRIDER Digital Equestrian Webinar]

Ready yourself for some unicorn cheer. If you happen to have been in Hampstead, New Hampshire in the past three months, you may have seen an actual unicorn. Since COVID-19 lockdowns began in March, Karen Rudolph has been dressing up her Miniature Horses as festive unicorns and walking them through the mid-sized town on the Massachusetts border in order to spread a little good cheer. [Unicorns To Save Us All]


Friday News & Notes from World Equestrian Brands

Dressage at Great Meadow. Photo by Mary Pat Stone.

Ah June, the time at which my tan lines really start to become the star of the show. Each year I claim that I will finally make my legs tan, but, every year I fail. Maybe 2020 will be the time? Although considering how the rest of the year is going, perhaps not.

National Day Calendar: National Peanut Butter Cookie Day🍪

U.S. Weekend Preview: 

Waredaca H.T. (MD): [Website] [Entry Status] [Ride Times]

War Horse Event Series June H.T. (NC): [Website] [Entry Status] [Ride Times] [Live Scores]

Full Gallop Farm June H.T. (SC): [Website] [Entry Status] [YEH Ride Times]

Silverwood Farm Spring H.T. (WI): [Website] [Entry Status] [Ride Times]

News From Around the Globe:

Entry update: Surefire Horse Trials (June 19-21 in Purcellville, VA) is on! Make sure all paperwork and payments are made by the end of today! Check the website for continued updates. [Surefire Eventing]

Video worth watching today: the Cowboys of Color Rodeo, and the founder Cleo Hearn. Cleo has spent the majority of his life as professional cowboy — he began his career in 1959. As a professional Black cowboy, he’s faced racism and significant challenges that White cowboys have not. [Cowboys of Color Rodeo]

It’s the one we’ve all been waiting for, a letter from Max Corcoran to herself. As one of the staples of Eventing for decades, Max is synonymous with success at the upper levels. Don’t miss this inspirational blog. [A Letter To Me]

We’ve heard from both sides of the equestrian take on racist structures, but both of them were from white women. Now it’s time to hear it directly from the POC perspective, as we do here from Tyler St Bernard, a 21-year-old queer black woman who competes in the hunter world. Worth the read. [A Black Equestrian’s Perspective]

Hot on Horse Nation: #TBT: 12 Obsessions Non-Riders Don’t Understand

Just in on Jumper Nation: Thoughts on Inequality and Racism

What We’re Listening To: In the latest edition of The Coaching Show, by the Equiratings Eventing Podcast, Sam and Gear talk about bringing a purpose to coaching and training. [Listen]

Watch This: Kristina Whorton and her own Finnigan jumped clear with time around the Prelim course at River Glen H.T. in Newmarket, TN, last weekend. It was their second outing at the level together and the horse looked to gain confidence the whole way around.

Thursday News & Notes from Taylor Harris Insurance Services (THIS)

Meghan O’Donoghue up the steps at home. Photo by Leslie Mintz Friedenthal.

And just like that, we slid right into the hot hot summer in Virginia. While some are happy to be competing again, I’m waiting until fall, because I absolutely abhor the heat in Virginia. In fact, I’ve rearranged my daily schedule so that I get up extra early to start riding before the sun comes up, and finish by lunch, and then take an indoor siesta before commencing afternoon chores. Worth the early alarms, 10/10 would recommend!

National Holiday: National Corn On The Cob Day🌽

U.S. Weekend Preview: 

Waredaca H.T. (MD): [Website] [Entry Status] [Ride Times]

War Horse Event Series June H.T. (NC): [Website] [Entry Status] [Ride Times] [Live Scores]

Full Gallop Farm June H.T. (SC): [Website] [Entry Status] [YEH Ride Times]

Silverwood Farm Spring H.T. (WI): [Website] [Entry Status] [Ride Times]

News From Around the Globe:

The Virginia Gold Cup is slated to run June 27th, without spectators. Personally partial to this event, as it runs every May in Virginia on the same weekend as the Kentucky Derby. However, it was canceled due to coronavirus, and luckily they’ve been able to reschedule. We will all miss the opportunity to tailgate though! [Virginia Gold Cup Rescheduled]

The 52 Thoroughbreds: a social media story destined never to die. However, the story was originally true in 2011, and some of those 52 now have incredibly fulfilling lives and loving owners! Mayzie was pregnant at the time, and Horse Nation got to know her story. [Mayzie: One of the 52]

Help a good event out! Millbrook Horse Trials is always one of the top competitions of the year, and fingers crossed, we will still get to enjoy it. They’re planning to hold the event in August, but they need you to fill out a quick questionnaire to guesstimate attendance. It only takes a few minutes. [Millbrook Questionnaire]

Best of Blogs: The Spectrum of Discomfort

What We’re Listening To: In episode #259 of the USEA Podcast, Sinead Halpin joins Nicole Brown to talk about the boxes you need to check for a successful return to competition. [Listen]

Watch This: Remember Tender Bravissimo? Courtney Cooper imported “Whiskers,” an 11-year-old Holsteiner (Contendro II x Lassandra, by Levantos 2) from Ireland, where he had been competing in the 1.10 jumpers, and introduced him to a second career as an eventer. The pair collected several wins, including the 2016 USEA AEC Training Horse Championship, and progressed up the levels to Intermediate. Now Whiskers has returned to the jumper ring — looking great out there!

Go Whiskers Go!

Always love to see our graduates going great! Whiskers 5th today at Tryon International Equestrian Center equestrian in the 1.3 meter speed class!

Posted by Courtney Cooper, C Square Farm on Thursday, June 4, 2020

Friday News & Notes from World Equestrian Brands

Just a horse enjoying some really great summer grass. Photo by Emily Pearson.

It’s Friday, and we’re all exhausted. No matter what your life circumstance is this week, it’s been a real slam into June, and personally one of the most exhausting things is uncertainty. Where will we be in two days? In a week? In a month? A few months? 2020 has been unkind to us all, and the best we can do is try to practice intentional and consistent kindness to everyone we come across. I hope everyone is able to spread and experience small instances of kindness this weekend.

National Holiday: National Moonshine Day

U.S. Weekend Preview:

Plantation Field H.T. [Website] [USEA H.T. Entry Status] [Starter H.T. Entry Status] [USEA H.T. Schedule] [Starter H.T. Schedule] [Ride Times] [Live Scores]

River Glen Summer H.T. [Website] [Entry Status] [Ride Times] [Live Scores]

Feather Creek H.T. [Website] [Entry Status] [Live Scores]

News From Around the Globe:

Somebody in Ian Stark’s neighborhood really needed some wood. So they decided to saw a chunk of his fencing out and take it home, letting his ponies out on the highway in the process. A strange crime, but the ponies were safely recovered and Ian says he’s happy to give anyone that desperate some wood that is NOT from his fence line in the future. [Thieves Dismantle Fencing]

One Baltimore equine therapy program is bringing horses to underprivileged children in a new way. City Ranch introduces children to the healing properties of interacting with horses by bringing horses, a round pen, and all their associated equipment TO the children, making it much more accessible than it usually is. It’s the only program of its kind, and especially in Baltimore, a city plagued with issues, an important one. [Behind the Scenes of City Ranch]

Flashback Friday: Rodney Jenkins & San Felipe Were Classic In Every Sense of The Word

Hot on Horse Nation: Thousands of Black Lives Matter demonstrators took the the streets of Houston on Tuesday, June 2, 2020 to protest the death of George Floyd. Among them were about 50 protestors on horseback, representatives from Nonstop Riders, the city’s urban trail riding club. [Nonstop Riders]

Just in on Jumper Nation: Thanks for the $2.49 ribbon, tho! [10 Hidden Costs of Showing: What No One Tells You Until You Get the Bill]

Best of the Blogs: Reflections From a Token Black Friend

What We’re Listening To: 

Featured Video: Good luck to everyone at Plantation this weekend! Here’s a little throwback …

Thursday News & Notes from Taylor Harris Insurance Services (THIS)

My horse enjoying some river time. Photo by Kate Samuels.

There isn’t really anything important happening in the horse world this week that can possibly compare with the importance of this historic moment of civil unrest and protest. I’m so thankful that I get to wake up every morning and spend my days with animals of empathy, but I recognize my privilege in this matter as I watch thousands of lives being torn apart every day on video.

The horse world is almost overwhelmingly white, and that’s no surprise to anyone. It is our job, therefore, not to be silent over racism and injustice, but to stand up to it and be actively anti racist. You don’t think an eventing website should be commenting? Suck it up, buttercup, because here I come.

We would also love to bring more attention to the efforts of those within the eventing community who are making strides against inequality. If you’d like to share a story with us, email. us at [email protected].

National Holiday: National Cheese Day🧀

U.S. Weekend Preview:

Plantation Field H.T. [Website] [USEA H.T. Entry Status] [Starter H.T. Entry Status] [USEA H.T. Schedule] [Starter H.T. Schedule]

River Glen Summer H.T. [Website] [Entry Status] [Ride Times]

Feather Creek H.T. [Website] [Entry Status]

Take a moment today to sit with your discomfort over current events. What a privilege it is to get to educate yourself on racism, instead of experiencing it yourself throughout your life. Now go use that privilege and actually educate yourself on how to actually help. [The Burden of (Finally) Being Seen]

Are you a nerd like me and enjoy watching TED Talks in your free time? Good. I cordially invite you to check out their archive of powerful ideas from experts and thought leaders as a starting point to understand the roots of racism, its painful consequences — and how we can combat it together. [TED Talks To Combat Racism]

We said goodbye to Valegro’s dam this week, as she died at her breeder’s farm in Holland.  Maifleur, the dam to double Olympic champion Valegro, died aged 26, and until last year was still enjoying hacks. The KWPN chestnut mare, owned by Valegro’s breeders, Joop and Maartje Hanse, was by Voltaire stallion Gershwin, out of Heidelberg mare Weidyfleur. [RIP Maifleur]

Thoroughbred names are known for their silly quality, but Left For Dead unfortunately fulfilled his JC name. As part of the large seizure of 46 starved and neglected horses in 2016 from Breeder’s Cup trainer Maria Borell and her father Chuck Borell. After rehabbing from that, Left for Dead went on to a lackluster racing career, and then found himself in Lara Anderson’s barn at Full Gallop Farm. [Left for Dead is the Ultimate Comeback Kid]

Best of Blogs: We Still Have Lots To Learn, and We Want the Conversation To Continue

What We’re Listening To: The Jon and Rick show podcast is now available on Apple Podcasts! Check out previous episodes here.

Featured Video:

Friday News & Notes from World Equestrian Brands

Photo courtesy of Tryon International Equestrian Center FB.

Tryon International Equestrian Center reopens this weekend, with an unrecognized competition, and a USEF rated competition on June 3rd. In accordance with the USEF rules and recommendations by the CDC and the WHO, they announced that TIEC is officially a mask mandatory zone, as many other competition venues have also declared. You can read more about their announcement here. Let’s help everyone stay safe and keep our public places open by doing our part and wearing our masks!

National Holiday: National Coq Au Vin Day

News From Around the Globe:

The Australian people are rallying to save the wild brumbies. The Australian Brumby Alliance (ABA) had taken Parks Victoria to court over the latter’s plans to remove all the wild horses from the Bogong High Plains, in the Alpine National Park, Victoria, and reduce the population of the eastern Alps. This would mean a mass slaughter of wild horses that Australians are eager to prevent. [Together We Can Save Them]

Even in the eventing world, Devon memories are abounding. One horse that crossed disciplinary boundaries is certainly Sapphire. A mare like no other, Sapphire changed the world for not only McLain Ward, but all of us. Just a few short years ago, she enjoyed a massive retirement ceremony in the Dixon Oval, and we all cheered and wept. [Remembering Sapphire’s Magical Devon Evening]

Something to dream about once travel restrictions are lifted: Horse Safari! We’re claiming it as the next big thing, and not just because we all want to be like Charlotte Dujardin galloping through fields of giraffes. What better way to experience wildlife in Africa than on the quiet back of a trusted horse? I can’t think of one. [Horse Safari Dreams]

Thoroughbred, and their advocates, deserve all the love we can give them. Applications for The Jockey Club Thoroughbred Incentive Program’s (T.I.P.’s) two annual awards, the Thoroughbred of the Year Award and the Young Rider of the Year Award, are now available online. Applications are due June 30, 2020. [TIP]

Featured Video: Relive the $50,000 Arena Eventing at The Devon Horse Show!

Relive the $50,000 Arena Eventing at The Devon Horse Show!

Watch more of the #DevonHorseShow Takeover on at www.usef.org/network!

Posted by USEF Network on Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Thursday News & Notes from Taylor Harris Insurance Services (THIS)

Meme courtesy of the Potentially Possessed Horse FB.

I don’t know how I got so lucky, but my puppy has discovered a particular penchant that has come in extremely handy on a horse farm. He loves to find both lost shoes, and wayward bell-boots when I ride through turnout paddocks. Yesterday he found two shoes AND two bell-boots! This should be a marketable skill, excuse me while I try to find a way to rent my dog out by the hour.

National Holiday: National Grape Popsicle Day

News From Around the Globe:

Thoroughbred enthusiasts will be glad to hear that T.I.P has recognized certain online competitions. With over 400 competitions cancelled already due to COVID, the Thoroughbred Incentive Program has agreed to recognize awards from shows that applied for approval. Points gained at these online competitions will count towards year-end awards. [T.I.P. Approves Online Competitions]

As countries across the world slowly open back up, competitions in England have tentatively scheduled a beginning. However, not all the riders are thrilled. The members of British Eventing are split between individuals clamoring for competitions and others who believe they are acting in haste. One rider lends her experience and opinion on the matter. [Damned If They Do, Damned If They Don’t]

Summer means monitoring your horse’s water intake carefully. Along with providing access to salt and electrolytes for your athlete, you have to stay diligent that they are drinking enough water. Some horses drink poorly in the stall, or don’t like the water when they travel, so getting creative is important. [Death by Dehydration]

From the Forums: Coronavirus Confessions



Friday News & Notes from World Equestrian Brands

Flashback Friday from upper level rider Lisa Barry! Photo courtesy of Lisa.

I never got to compete this spring before the cancellation of everything, so it’s been a really long weird winter season for me, only slightly improved by the generally good weather and good horses. Let me tell you though, a cold snap with rain and freezing temperatures this week has really brought my spirits down, and I did not want to have to dig out all my winter sweaters and coats again! C’mon mother nature, cut me a break here, it’s almost June!

National Day Calendar: National Vanilla Pudding Day

News From Around the Globe:

Have a Sport Horse Nation matchup success story? Send a photo to [email protected] to be an upcoming EN banner ad cover model. Faraway shots are the best as it’s a long, skinny banner ad. This week: just to get the ball rolling, we’ve got a pic of EN editor Leslie Wylie with her SHN perfect pony match-up, Princess. [Sport Horse Nation]

As the horse world slowly opens up, racing has announced that the Belmont Stakes will run on June 20th. Usually the last and longest leg of the Triple Crown, this topsy-turvy year will feature the Belmont as the first leg, and slightly shorter at a mile and an eighth. The purse has been reduced to $1 million and no spectators will be permitted. The Kentucky Derby is slated for September 5th, and the Preakness for October 3rd. [Belmont Stakes Rescheduled for June]

Using your time at home to make a personalized musical freestyle? Or maybe just an awesome TikTok? Either way, finding the perfect music for your horse’s rhythm is no mean feat. With this guide, you’ll be on your way to creating that viral video in no time. [How to Match Music to Your Horse]

Best of Blogs: Your Horse Community Will Have Your Back in a Crisis

Thursday News & Notes from Taylor Harris Insurance Services (THIS)

Photo via Virginia Horse Trials FB.

My unabashed favorite competition announced yesterday that they have rescheduled the Virginia Horse Trials spring competition to July 21-24th, which is exciting news. As events start to slowly come back to the calendar, I’ll be very interested to see how they implement proper safety and how riders manage in this new weird world. Hopefully the summer won’t be too full of craziness!

National Day Calendar: National Strawberries & Cream Day

News From Around the Globe:

Have a Sport Horse Nation matchup success story? Send a photo to [email protected] to be an upcoming EN banner ad cover model. Faraway shots are the best as it’s a long, skinny banner ad. This week: just to get the ball rolling, we’ve got a pic of EN editor Leslie Wylie with her SHN perfect pony match-up, Princess. [Sport Horse Nation]

Winona Horse Trials is delighted to be rescheduled for July 3-5 and it opened yesterday! Hosted at Stone Gate Farm in Ohio, the Winona HT encourages all riders to read the new protocols posted on their site and get excited to see everyone from a distance in July. [Winona Horse Trials]

As part of mental health awareness month, riding coaches in the UK will have free access to mental health training until the end of August. Due to the challenges of the current world, organizers felt it was important to remove the financial restraints for participating in the courses. The aim is to help coaches increase their knowledge of mental health, and their confidence when incorporating the learning into their teaching practices. [Equestrians Mental Health Courses in UK]

Feel Good Of The Day: Mare Fosters Three Orphaned Lambs

The final CCI4* of England has been cancelled with the announcement of Blair Castle being removed from the calendar. This means there will be no CCI4* events in Britain at all in 2020. Slated for the end of August, England is not opening for competitions as we are in the US, and does not expect to be ready by that time. [Blair Castle Cancelled]

Friday News & Notes From World Equestrian Brands

Having fun with a blonde. Photo by Kate Samuels.

I don’t know how or why this started, but I seem to only ride plain bays. My own two horses are plain bays, with about one spot of white between the two, and the barn where I work has seven horses, six of which are plain bays. The one exception is this handsome fella, who is just a little blonde dreamboat, and it’s so strange to have a different colored mane in front of me! But for real, you know how much I save on purple shampoo y’all?

National Holiday: National Pizza Party Day🍕

News From Around the Globe:

Are you a mare person, or a gelding person? I’ll admit, I’ve had a few great mares in my life, but overwhelmingly I seem to have geldings. They are always extremely dramatic and needy geldings, so maybe they fall somewhere in the spectrum, but some people are staunchly mare people. I pray for them every night. [Living in a Mare’s World]

England is really getting into the virtual showing, with the Royal Windsor as the latest competition to continue online. With over 4,200 entries for this week’s event, it boasts a full schedule that includes Retraining of Racehorses (RoR) classes, paints, seniors, Arabs, hunters, Iberians, heavy horses, Haflingers, polo ponies, appaloosas and mountain and moorlands. [Royal Windsor Horse Show Online]

Ever wonder what it’s like to be McLain Ward’s right hand man? COTH caught up with Lee McKeever to find out what a day in his life looks like while working with showjumping superstars. Fun fact: the entire barn staff has family breakfast and lunch every day! [A Day In The Life: Lee McKeever]

Tryon Resort and Tryon International Equestrian Center will reopen with limited operations on May 27, 2020. Competitions will resume with the Tryon Spring 6 competition June 3-7. TIEC has implemented stringent guidelines to alleviate the potential impact of COVID-19. All onsite guests are required to wear cloth masks and practice social distancing, and competitions are closed to the public but will be live streamed. [TIEC]

What We’re Listening To: USEA Podcast #257: Top Tips from Top Grooms

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Thursday News & Notes from Taylor Harris Insurance Services (THIS)

Bird lady. Photo courtesy of Laine Ashker.

We’re all finding ways to amuse ourselves during this strange time, and Laine Ashker has adopted some baby birds that fell from the ceiling of her indoor, and tamed them. Anybody else tamed some unexpected pets?

National Holiday: National Buttermilk Biscuit Day

News From Around the Globe:

With lots of horses having unexpected time off this spring, it’s a good time to examine your fitness program. Bringing a horse back into work properly so that they’re strong enough and ready for the next step is incredibly important to their health and soundness. [Equine Fitness Plan]

Just spend a little time on your Thursday looking back at Paulank Brockagh. We will all miss the hardy and incredible Brocks with her constant companion, Sam Griffiths. From winning Badminton in 2014 from 25th place after dressage when the cross country was absolutely horrendous, to completing countless CCI5* events, Brocks has earned her retirement in spades. [Remembering Brocks in 19 Photos]

Poop talk! I just dropped off some poo bags at my vet office yesterday for some fecal tests, are you up on your poop and deworming facts? Spring time and quarantine are the perfect time to get your poop in order. [Poop’s Gettin’ Real]

Inspiration Thursday: Jim Wofford’s Quarantine Guide




Friday News & Notes from World Equestrian Brands

Weekend pole inspiration! Photo by Kate Samuels.

I’ve been getting really into complicated pole and cavaletti exercises this spring, in an attempt to build strength on my horses, keep their brains engaged, and do flatwork without doing dressage. This one was particularly tricky. Come off the left, canter down over the center poles, turn left and transition into trot, turn left over the middle trot poles, turn right, pick up canter, canter down the center poles, turn right, transition to trot, and trot the center poles. Then start it all again! You’re welcome.

National Holiday: National Coconut Cream Pie Day

News From Around the Globe:

Lots of Badminton memories coming up this weekend, but can we really top the time that Mark Todd rode around cross country clear with ONE STIRRUP? The year was 1995, and a young 39-year-old Mark was bopping around on Bertie Blunt when a third of a way around, his left stirrup snapped off. Committed to continuing, he figured out a way to hitch his leg up on the pommel during galloping stretches and put it down before and over fences. Absolute legend, don’t miss the video. [Mark Todd, 1 Stirrup, Badminton XC]

Mary King’s newest homebred has had a terribly rough start to life. The last foal of winning CCI5* mare King’s Temptress, his dam was put down on April 18 suffering from peritonitis. Luckily he found a foster mare locally, however she died from a freak colic just this week on the 4th of May. Vinnie has now found a third mother to love him, and he seems to be quite a tough little lad, taking it all in stride. [Heartbreak Again for Mary King’s Foal]

Speaking of Mary King, can we throw it back to her first Badminton victory? The year was 1992, the horse was the stunning King William. Through an unbelievably wet and muddy cross country course, the pair triumphed that year to record her first victory at the level, beginning the storied career we know now. [Mary King Wins Badminton]

Helmet safety: let’s talk about it. While helmet awareness is at an all time high, studies still show that 88% of riders who suffer from concussions from a fall were wearing helmets at the time, which leads us to the question, how can we make helmets safer? COTH got a tour of the MIPS research facility in January to learn more about how they’re working on developing new technology for equestrian helmets, and it is fascinating. [Helping Brains, One Liner At A Time]

Best of Blogs: Building Confidence: Brandy & Fancy

Featured Video: Earlier this week 2019 winner Piggy March (neé French) penned this poetic ode to Badminton — here’s another bit of lyricism for you.

Thursday News & Notes from Taylor Harris Insurance Services (THIS)

Summer sights. Photo by Kelsey Briggs.

You know, it feels like summer in the way that I have a rocking farmer’s tan from Monday, but also I live in Virginia, which means that it’s going back down to 32 this weekend. Don’t put your heavyweight blankets away until at least June folks because you just never know!

National Holiday: National Roast Leg of Lamb Day

News from Around the Globe: 

The 2020 FEI NAYC for dressage and jumping has been canceled as well. It was announced a while ago that eventing has been canceled, but as the disciplines have been split over location, the dressage and showjumping was still slated to take place until yesterday. A heartbreaking decision for so many young riders, but without qualification competitions and with considerations for travel during this uncertain time, an understandable one. [NAYC Dressage and Jumping Canceled]

Today marks the beginning of the virtual competition Mega May Eventing. A host of contenders including Princess Anne on Doublet and Pippa Funnell on Primmore’s Pride will be among those taking on the challenge for charity. During the time when Badminton Horse Trials should have run, LeMieux is running its virtual “event” in aid of NHS Charities Together and British riding schools. [Mega May Eventing]

Bored on quarantine and out of baking ideas? Make some healthy banana treats for your horse! With just a few ingredients, our friends at Horse Nation have whipped up an excellent recipe that your ponies are sure to enjoy. [Banana Horse Treats]

Best of Blogs: How to Reopen Safely

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Friday News & Notes from World Equestrian Brands

A little flashback to my favorite Syd Kent in 2013. Photo by Mike McNally.

I’ve discovered the most amazing thing this week: my dog finds both bell boots AND lost shoes in the field and brings them to me. I mean, how could this be more perfect for a horse farm? I didn’t train him, he just decided one day and it’s pure magic. Check out the winners of 9th Annual Top Dog “Barn Helper Edition” Contest, presented by World Equestrian Brands, here.

National Holiday: National Chocolate Parfait Day

News From Around the Globe:

Interested in being part of the conversation about how the eventing community reopens for competition? The USEF is hosting a webinar on Monday about just this topic, and this is a good opportunity for trainers, exhibitors and competition managers to understand how to work together to create the safest possible environment for everyone, as we look ahead to restarting 2020 competitions as early as June 1 with a phased regional approach in line with local and state government restrictions. [Register Now, Space Limited]

Millbrook Horse Trials is customarily the beginning of our fall calendar for the upper levels, but this year will it just be the beginning of the 2020 calendar? As of right now, Millbrook is still planning to host their event July 30th-August 2nd, and keeping an eye on national COVID updates. Hopefully by the end of the summer we can all see each other again! [Millbrook Horse Trials]

People might not be having birthday parties right now, but that doesn’t mean horses can’t! Any self respecting horse owner has baked a proper carrot cake and popped a party hat on their horse once or twice, and we’ve got 16 photos of horses celebrating birthdays. [Sweet 16 Birthdays]

Best of Blogs: Moving Forward in Frozen Time

Featured Video: Reminiscing on fun times at Millbrook!

Millbrook Horse Trials 2020 from Marion Latta de Vogel on Vimeo.

Thursday News & Notes from Taylor Harris Insurance Services (THIS)

It’s fluffy baby season! Photo by Katie Pinner.

I’ve recently cultivated an amazing dressage Spotify playlist, and it is populated with dance beats. I know, maybe not the expected music, but I feel like it’s actually perfect. It keeps you in a good mood even when circles get rather boring, and suits the incredible spring weather I’ve been enjoying. In weird times like this, it’s important to find happiness in the smallest of places, even if it’s just a playlist.

National Holiday: National Oatmeal Cookie Day (also it’s National Raisin Day but NOT National Oatmeal Raisin Day I guess)

News From Around the Globe:

Taylor Harris Insurance Services (THIS) Q&A with Phillip Dutton: Last week Taylor Harris Insurance Services (THIS) asked us to submit questions for Phillip Dutton — he answered them via a THIS Instagram story — check it out here!

Get your inspiration for the week with this in-depth interview with none other than Karen O’Connor. Karen chats with the crew from Major League Eventing about everything from bullying in school, stories of Queen Elizabeth and Jack LeGoff, and battling depression as a professional rider. Get your podcast on! [Major League Eventing]

Did I mention that it’s fluffy foal season? I don’t think you need more reasons to look at ridiculously adorable and beautiful foals, but I’m giving you one anyway. [12 Utterly Gorgeous Foals]

We don’t get to enjoy the Kentucky Derby this weekend, but that doesn’t mean we can’t relive past performances. Top amongst them has to be the 2009 upset of Mine That Bird, coming from literally nowhere and blasting past everyone in the absolute slop to take the top honors. Coming in at 50-1, he is one of only 9 geldings to win the race, and later finished 2nd in the Preakness and 3rd in the Belmont. [Mine That Bird 2009 KY Derby Video]

Best of Blogs: The Childhood My Mother Gave Me

Featured Video: In this episode of “The Long and Short of it” Jon Holling takes us cross country schooling on the farm with Prophet.

Friday News & Notes from World Equestrian Brands

Social distancing is a little hard with this one! Photo by Sara Kozumplik Murphy.

Yesterday, I was referred to as a “pro” at quarantine. I wish I could say this is the first time in the past few weeks that somebody has casually mentioned to this to me, but it is most definitely not. I also have this feeling that I should be a little offended, but I am not at all. And they’re right, I am a pro at quarantine, and while I miss a lot of things (competing) I’m doing alright with my ponies and my hobbies and my hacking.

National Holiday: National Hairball Awareness Day

News From Around the Globe:

All of the Kentucky memories are flooding in. In 2010, before going viral was a thing, Josh Walker took a special photo of a young pony clubber patting Karen O’Connor’s Mandiba after dressage at Kentucky. That young pony clubber, Keely Bechtol, has continued to pursue her equine passion, fueled in part by that special memory. [The Pat Seen Around The World]

Who doesn’t remember Tullibard’s Hawkwind from 2012 Kentucky? I certainly remember watching Jordan Linstedt Granquist, a relative unknown from the west coast, and seeing how she trusted Jack so much on that cross country course. That year was particularly rough for cross country, and while they racked up 79 time penalties, they went clear and our hearts were filled. [Tullibard’s Hawkwind Proved the Naysayers Wrong]

Talk Nerdy to Me:  13 Perfectly Horsey Quotes From Books

Weird horsey records, you got me. The longest horse, the shortest horse, the oldest horse, the tallest horse, the highest jump by a mini horse, the oldest winning racehorse (19!), the fastest 10 meters on HIND LEGS!? Okay, this is too weird. [22 Flabbergasting & Bonkers Horsey Records]

Not sorry at all:



Thursday News & Notes from Taylor Harris Insurance Services (THIS)

TBT: Who wore it better? Will on Wednesday or Boyd on Sunday? 2017 Kentucky jogs, photos via the Chronicle of the Horse.

We’re all feeling some pain this week as we miss our annual celebration at the Kentucky Horse Park, but if there’s one thing eventers know how to do, it’s make the best of a crummy situation. I’ve been thoroughly enjoying everyone’s nostalgia posts of Kentucky events gone by, and yesterday was full of amazing jog photos. *Almost* as good as new jog photos.

National Holiday: National Picnic Day

News From Around the Globe:

If you’re suffering from Kentucky withdrawals this week, trust me when I say that the EN team is with you 100% of the way on that. We’re working hard behind the scenes to bring you the best Virtual Vendor Village ever and there is plenty of vintage Kentucky content coming your way from all outlets to hold you over. [EN’s Virtual Vendor Village]

The USEF Network will be doing a live re-broadcast of the cross country phase from 2012 Kentucky on their Facebook page Saturday at 10 am ET. In celebration of the event’s history as well as a salve for the gaps left behind by this year’s cancellation, you can view on-demand coverage of previous years in their entirety here. If you’re not already a USEF member, use promo code ENLRK3DE to access.

Badminton Horse Trials will also be doing a re-broadcast of previous years’ competitions — and they want your help deciding which years to show. You can vote for your favorite year (good luck choosing just three!) here.

On lockdown? Missing your usual horse learning opportunities? Luckily there are lots of online resources that have stepped up to offer various master classes of all disciplines, so you can barely miss your instructor and your competitions at all. Check out our favorites. [Keep Learning]

Don’t miss the Taylor Harris Insurance Services Q&A with Phillip Dutton this week! For more details, check out their Facebook or Instagram page for chances to win some THIS swag as well.

Friday News & Notes from World Equestrian Brands

Dramatic spring in VA. Photo by Sarah McGovern.

My thoroughbred has an unerring ability to get a stupid injury on the few days surrounding his birthday every single year, and sure enough, his birthday is in two days, so he’s got me a lovely abscess this year! Last two years they were scalp lacerations though, so I suppose this is progress. And at least he’s not missing a competition because of it! He can take his sweet time with this abscess, and keep his shoe off for a week if he pleases.

National Holiday: National Bat Appreciation Day

News From Around the Globe:

Ah, Shetland ponies. Both a gift from God and a curse from the Devil all wrapped up in one extremely hairy, tiny little mischievous package. I myself started on a Shetland at the ripe age of 3, and she was everything a tiny tot could have dreamed of, and also quite skilled at dumping me. Here are some ridiculously adorable fancy show Shetlands that rocked the competitive world last year. [7 Charismatic and Cute Shetland Ponies]

With the 2020 World Cup Show Jumping Finals canceled, we’re taking at trip down memory lane with some fantastic previous winners. Even the eventing folk surely remember Shutterfly, who won in 2005 with Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum, despite only jumping two cross rails in warmup and then becoming unraveled due to the close proximity of other horses and unable to continue. Notoriously delicate in the mind, but brilliant in the ring, Shutterfly was Meredith’s horse of a lifetime. [Shutterfly The Brilliant Spook]

Considering a career change within the horse industry? You don’t have to be a groom or a rider to have a lifelong career in horses, as there are many other essential jobs that require just as much expertise. From broodmare manager to bloodstock agent, there are lots of ways you can fit into the equestrian world from the ground. [5 Equestrian Jobs You Might Like]

Featured Video: Brentina, Debbie, and Aretha …what more could you ask for?