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Kate Samuels is an avid 3-Day Eventer who currently competes at the Advanced/3* level with her wonderful Selle Francais gelding, Nyls du Terroir. A rider since the tender age of three, she is a young professional in the sport learning as much as she can from various mentors, both equine and human. Kate has worked for Eventing Nation since 2011, and has enjoyed every minute of it. She brings a lifetime of experience with horses as well as a wealth of knowledge gained through competing at the top levels of the sport. When not riding through the boiling hot, freezing cold, rain or snow, Kate enjoys baking pies, photography, and finding ridiculous videos on the internet.

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Friday News & Notes from World Equestrian Brands

When you start to see a little booty peeking through on an OTTB. Photo by Kate Samuels.

I feel like with a developing horse, every year they come out a little different, and Turkey is no different. He made the move up to Modified as his last event in October, and he thought he was VERY cool after cross country. He carried that mentality into 2020, and has decided that he is hot stuff 24/7 this year. This has created, to say the least, some adjustments to my riding and training. Every horse, every year, a new thing to learn.

National Holiday: National Bootlegger’s Day

U.S. Weekend Preview:

Grand Oaks H.T. [Website] [Entry Status] [Ride Times] [Live Scores]

Stable View H.T. [Website] [Entry Status] [Ride Times] [Live Scores]

News From Around the Globe:

Considering a move up this year? You’ll probably want to train skinny jumps, as they appear at almost all the levels now. Introducing skinny jumps mean honing your steering, building their confidence, making sure you can hold a line, and building trust between horse and rider. It’s an integral part of becoming a successful eventer, and something not to be neglected. [Introducing Skinny Jumps]

What’s it like to live a day in the life of a five-star eventer? The Chronicle of the Horse gets up close and personal with Sinead Halpin, following her from dawn to dusk to find out what it really takes to be her. Baby wrangling, riding, teaching, coaching, cooking dinner, drinking wine, it’s all in a day. [A Day In The Life]

Listicle of the Day: 14 Things You Always Wanted To Ask Your Horse

99 problems and all of them are your mare? Most mares get pregnant without major problems, but some encounter difficulties along the way. Breeders have a hard time getting certain mares in foal altogether, while other mares conceive but lose the pregnancy. The list of what can cause these reproductive issues is lengthy; when they occur, breeders and veterinarians must work together to determine the reason and find resolution. [What’s Plaguing Your Mare?]

Quiz of the Day: What Does Your Favorite Horse Breed Say About You?



Thursday News & Notes from Taylor Harris Insurance Services (THIS)

The dream, amiright? Photo courtesy of Allie Conrad.

Yesterday I put wood chips down in front of all my gates, because the mud was absolutely killing me. I think this year, I’m finally going to crack, and install gravel and honeycomb mats in front of the gates, because god forbid the horses stand LITERALLY anywhere else in the field. Why do they have to stomp all in the same place!

National Holiday: National Fig Newton Day

U.S. Weekend Preview:

Grand Oaks H.T. [Website] [Entry Status] [Ride Times] [Live Scores]

Stable View H.T. [Website] [Entry Status] [Ride Times] [Live Scores]

News From Around the Globe:

The USEA has confirmed that the 2021 American Eventing Championships will stay in Lexington, Kentucky! Following record entries in 2019 and feedback from competitors on positive experiences, the Kentucky Horse Park has agreed to host the AEC a third year, on Aug. 31 – Sept. 5, 2021. [KY Horse Park Confirms AECs 2021]

Taking a new young horse off property for the first time can be … an experience. Keeping things positive and making sure the learning experience isn’t traumatic for either of you is key. Renowned show jumper Michael Whitaker shares his tips for jumping a young horse off property for the first time, and we all know he’s got to have a pretty good system. [Jumping a Young Horse Off Property]

Senior horses teach us invaluable things. Horse Nation writer Kristen Kovatch has her fair share of seniors, and she shares her stories of how each one has shaped her life as a human and an equestrian. [Why I’ll Always Have Senior Horses]

Best of Blogs: Is Bad Behavior Mental or Physical?

Featured Video: In the FEI’s countdown of top moments in 2019, Ingrid Klimke topped the list.

Friday News & Notes from World Equestrian Brands

Just an Olympic rider enjoying his morning cup of coffee with a view. Photo by Andrew Hoy.

Yesterday I played the treacherous game of “is-the-dirt-road-melted-yet”, which might be familiar to some of you. I live on a lovely dirt road, which is very useful for fitness in the winter, but after a snow it can be slightly risky. The shaded parts get pounded down by cars, and then turns into a hard sheet of ice, which you have to delicately tiptoe around, and hope to god your horse doesn’t spook and kill you both. Winter is so fun!

National Holiday: National Bittersweet Chocolate Day

U.S. Weekend Preview:

Majestic Oaks H.T. [Website] [Entry Status] [Ride Times] [Live Scores]

News From Around the Globe:

Fitness fitness fitness…this is what makes the winter world go ’round! Formulating a competition plan for your year is hinged on your ability to form a proper fitness plan to accompany it, and that starts in the winter. This is built over weeks and weeks, but having a base knowledge of where to start and how to customize a plan for each horse is key. [Planning Your Horse’s Fitness Regime]

What makes British showjumping star Ben Maher tick? Turns out he prefers salad to pizza, Netflix to Amazon, and if he had to be a film star, it would be Hugh Grant in Notting Hill. Get to know him better in this quick-fire interview with Horse & Hound. [Ben Maher In Short]

Thoroughbred racehorse aftercare is simply a massive project. There are thousands of thoroughbreds every year that retire from their racing careers, and responsibly finding homes for all of them is an enormous task, even with all of the organizations dedicated to just that. Learning more about the process is integral to ensuring success in the future. [Emptying The Ocean With A Teaspoon: Thoroughbred Aftercare]

Best of Blogs: How to Actually Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions


Thursday News & Notes from Taylor Harris Insurance Services (THIS)

A particularly fat and hairy retired Advanced horse showing off his horrible teeth. Photo by Kate Samuels.

Thank god the snow we got on Tuesday melted yesterday because my dingbat Thoroughbred was already going stir crazy with two days off in a row. He’s not insane to ride after a few days off, but he becomes…strange…in the stall if he isn’t worked into some kind of exhaustion every day. He doesn’t stall walk, more like, persistent stall meandering, which is hell to clean no matter how often you try to pick it out through the day. If you know me, you know I’m obsessed with clean stalls, and this particular trick of his makes me go bonkers.

National Holiday: National Static Electricity Day

U.S. Weekend Preview:

Majestic Oaks H.T. [Website] [Entry Status] [Ride Times] [Live Scores]

News From Around the Globe:

Biggest news for the inter-disciplinary equestrian world yesterday was the official retirement of Laura Graves’ Verdades. Diddy, as he is known, has been a force in the US Dressage team for many years now, and was an actual fairytale come true for Laura. Now 18 years old, Laura purchased Diddy as just a yearling and they came up through the levels together, recording a 5th place at the 2014 WEG, team gold and individual silver at the 2015 Pan Ams, team bronze and individual 4th at the 2016 Olympics, and team and individual silver at the 2018 WEG. [Verdades Retires]

Does your horse have small rubs at the back of the saddle area this time of year? If so, it’s usually an indication of an issue with dermatitis, lameness, or saddle fit. If your horse has asymmetry from an unsoundness or kissing spines, the bald patches can be caused by irregular movement under tack. Hair rubbing can also be caused by movement from the saddle, which indicates a poor fit, so make sure you get your saddle checked on a regular basis. [Bald Patches On The Back]

What’s the difference between retraining a Standardbred racehorse to a Thoroughbred racehorse? Most people have experience in one or the other, but rarely both. Horse Nation blogger Ashley Francese has retrained both, however, and notes more commonalities than differences. [Standardbred vs Thoroughbred]

Training Tip Thursday: Lindsay Partridge’s Positive Horsemanship

Training Tip Thursday Pt 2: Moving Towards Intent: Is Your Training Too Loud?

Winter can be one of the most risky times of year for your horse. Between staying at home in the mud and the snow, or traveling down to a warmer climate and an unfamiliar environment, there are lots of factors that could potentially cause your horse medical distress. Luckily, with Taylor Harris Insurance Services on your side, you can sleep tight at night knowing your horse is protected, no matter what kind of ridiculous antics they pull in turnout. [Request a Quote from THIS]

Friday News & Notes from World Equestrian Brands

It’s clipping season once again! Photo by Kate Samuels.

When I look back at the last decade, I honestly think the best advice I could give my younger self would be to find a good chiropractor (clarification: human chiropractor) and actually listen to him. When you’re in your twenties and older riders joke about how broken their bodies are, and they’re not even remotely joking. Get you a body work specialist early, and become their best friend.

National Holiday: National Chocolate Covered Cherry Day

News From Around the Globe:

Yesterday we celebrated the birthday of the one and only William Fox-Pitt! The man, the myth, the legend. One of a kind, super tall, extremely polite and multilingual, he is simply beyond compare. Horse & Hound compiled this list of career highlights to celebrate his contributions to the sport. [HBD WFP]

What does a rider like Boyd Martin have as New Year’s Resolutions? Let’s be real, nobody is surprised to see that getting through an entire year injury free is top of his list. However, there are some … more unusual wishes on the list? Read on. [Boyd Martin’s Resolutions]

Oh look, researchers are confirming stuff we already know. Turns out after a scientific study, scientists have concluded that horses are emotional sponges. Uh, yeah, we know that! Words and body language are certainly ways of communicating with horses, but more than that, they can pick up on our underlying emotions and aura while being handled. [Horses Are Emotional Sponges]

Best of Blogs: 2020 Goal Setting


Thursday News & Notes from Taylor Harris Insurance Services (THIS)

Photo courtesy of Taylor Harris FB.

I hope everyone had a great NYE and that 2020 is off to a fantastic start. I rung in the new year with a pinched nerve in my neck courtesy of a few decades of eating dirt from horses at a high rate of speed (thanks youthful indiscretion) and sat in bed spooning dogs while icing my neck. It can only go up from here??

National Holiday: National Cream Puff Day

News From Around the Globe:

January kicks off the Eventing Risk Management Seminar and Forum with the FEI in England on January 24th and 25th. How eventing will be perceived in 10 years, and how it should look in 2030 is among the topics to be covered for level three judges, course designers and technical delegates at Aintree racecourse in Britain from January 24 to 25. An invitation-only session for National Safety Officers is being held on January 26, and will count as a refresher course for one year. [Eventing Risk Management Seminar]

Land Rover Burghley Horse Trials has named Alzheimer’s Research UK as its 2020 charity of the year following a record number of applicants. The Burghley team chose the charity owing to its dedication to making breakthroughs in the diagnosis, treatment and cure for Alzheimer’s. Its mission is to bring about the first life-changing dementia treatment by 2025. [Burghley Names Alzheimer’s Research Charity of the Year]

Ugh, picky eaters and winter are the worst possible combination. Is your horse a picky eater? While eliminating certain physical issues such as stomach discomfort or dental problems is always the first plan of attack, there are other techniques to employ if your horse is just plain finicky. [Feeding the Picky Eater]

New year, new protection for your horse! Join the hundreds of top eventers who trust Taylor Harris Insurance Services to know their sport, and protect their horses. THIS knows eventing, and has coverage built just for your horse. Don’t go into another decade without it! [THIS is Eventing]

Social Media Spotlight: Cheers to eventers and the good work they do in the world!

Every year I host a holiday party for my friends and clients that includes a silent auction of all my amazing sponsors’…

Posted by Dani Sussman and Aspire Eventing on Monday, December 30, 2019




Friday News & Notes from World Equestrian Brands

Lauren Kieffer and her mom on their annual Christmas ride together. Photo from Lauren.

This week in Virginia has been cold at night, but in the 60’s during the day, which is pleasant for sure, but also makes me extremely skeptical about the future of the winter. What kind of freezing hell is going to hit me in the next three months? How am I going to pay for this delightfully temperate December? I just know it’s coming. Call me a pessimist if you want but I know warm winter doesn’t go all the way through!

National Holiday: National Fruitcake Day

News From Around the Globe: 

The time of the year where we look back at the best of 2019! Blogs on the Chronicle are always great, with different perspectives from all disciplines, and all kinds of riders. We look back and the best blogs from 2019. [Best of Blogs 2019]

New years resolutions for an improved diet doesn’t just have to be for you in 2020. We are always trying to find better ways to feed our horses for health and performance, and 2020 could be the year that you find a better way to individualize your feeding program. [Equine Nutrition New Years Resolutions]

Anybody who knows me knows I love me a good blanket clip. It’s the best clip for midwinter! Enough clipped off to keep the sweat at bay, and a little left on top to keep the back and haunches warm (and also maybe keep them from butt scooting in the wind). Unless you’re in Florida, you gotta get you a blanket clip. [9 Reasons Why We Love The Blanket Clip]

Hot on Horse Nation: Top Photo Challenge Gallery of 2019

Please enjoy this deeply satisfying video of Badminton in the snow:

Thursday News & Notes from Taylor Harris Insurance Services (THIS)

Photo courtesy of Taylor Harris Insurance Services

I hope everyone who celebrates Christmas had an excellent day yesterday, and ate tons of great food, hung out with people they love, rode their horse, and snuggled with their dog. After all, isn’t that a good day no matter what the season?

National Holiday: Boxing Day

News from Around the Globe:

Everyone is in holiday hangover mood right now, so let’s keep this short and sweet…

Neglected Shetland Turned Christmas Film Star Finds Fairytale Ending

Christmas Day Bloopers From Riders Around The World

The Equestrian’s 12 Days of Christmas

E.L.V.E.S. Kept Reindeer Ready To Fly


Friday News & Notes from World Equestrian Brands

Photo by Kristy Garber.

Big congratulations to our World Equestrian Brands Holiday Horse Costume Contest winner, Kristy Garber! Kristy will take home a stocking stuffed with $275 worth of World Equestrian Brands goodies, including their incredible leather cleaning supplies, some rubber reins, a super soft horse brush, and some muscle cream for after rides.

The model: Blaze, an 11-year-old Haflinger mare owned by Kristy’s daughter Lindsey. When Lindsey heard about the photo contest, she knew she wanted to dress Blaze up but couldn’t decide between a snowman and the grinch, so Kristy suggested a Christmas tree. The rest was history. “Blaze is nothing but mare and was happy to pose for the picture — she stood still for every second of her dressing and perked her ears for the picture!” Kristy says. “Blaze adores treats and really just anything she can eat.”

National Day Calendar: National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day

News From Around the Globe:

Sadly this week a wonderful young rider was involved in a life threatening accident. Kailey Giancola was discovered Monday afternoon after a suspected fall while hacking her horse, unconscious but breathing. She was transported to the hospital and has suffered multiple severe injuries to her brain and is in a coma. They are currently working on getting her transferred to a Level I trauma. Multiple people have reached out wanting to help – please continue your thoughts and prayers. This fund as been started to help towards Kailey’s medical bills. [Ride For Kailey]

What could be a more perfect horrible/good combination than horsey Christmas movies? A combination of two generally low quality movie genres that are nonetheless always enjoyable, mostly because your expectations were never that high. Wow, I really sold this one! Anyway, here are some great horsey Christmas themed movies to watch while you’re lazing around on the holiday. [Horses & Christmas]

The patchwork quilt of racing jurisdictions across the United States may soon be under uniform anti-doping regulations, after support for a House bill garnered a crucial majority of co-sponsors. The Horseracing Integrity Act of 2019 would create a national anti-doping authority that would be independent of existing racing regulators. The legislation now exceeds 218 co-sponsors, which is a majority of the 435 voting members of the House. [Anti-Doping Regulation for US Horse Racing]

Featured Video: Happy 60th anniversary, USEA!

Celebrating 60 Years of U.S. Eventing

This year, the USEA celebrated its 60th anniversary. Relive 60 years of eventing history in the United States!

Posted by United States Eventing Association, Inc. (USEA) on Thursday, December 19, 2019

Thursday News & Notes from Taylor Harris Insurance Services (THIS)

I’ve been the victim and the perpetrator of this crime. Photo by Glendevon Stables FB.

As much as I don’t like the cold and the mud and the rain of winter, I actually don’t mind the season, because it gives me time to do other things I enjoy like baking and knitting. Yes, I am in fact a 90-year-old grandma, but I make cooler things than your grandma. With all the increased darkness, you have to have some things to enhance your happiness that are indoor activities, and meanwhile my horses enjoy a little bit of an off season break.

National Holiday: National Hard Candy Day

News From Around the Globe:

Our thoughts and prayers are with Kailey Giancola, Laura Welsh’s groom and right-hand girl who was found breathing but unconscious Monday afternoon after a suspected fall while hacking her horse after a flat ride. Kailey suffered multiple severe injuries to her brain resulting in potentially irreversible damages and is in a coma. We will share further updates to her condition. [Laura’s Facebook]

Canadian show jumper Nicole Walker is appealing to the Court of Arbitration for Sport after her positive drug test at the 2019 Pan American Games. Her removal from results at the Pan Ams means that Canada does not qualify to send a show jumping team to the Olympics next year, so her success in this matter has more than just a personal consequence. [Canadian Show Jumping Team Disqualified from Tokyo]

After a freak pasture accident left Shelby Bluthardt’s horse with a mangled tail and butt, his medical story went from bad to worse, and almost caused his death. However, after almost a month in the hospital, a full tail amputation, and many months of careful care, the tail-less wonder Abe is back out competing and enjoying life full time. [Back from the Brink: Abe the Bulldog Horse]

Charlotte Dujardin is definitely not a one hit wonder, with a win in the Grand Prix Freestyle win at Olympia with Mount St John Freestyle. The pair earned a stunning 87% and blew the crowd away, with a soundtrack inspired by none other than Disney’s Frozen. Her stable mate Carl Hester was second with Hawtins Delicato with an 84.47%. [Charlotte Back on Top at Olympia]

Educational Thursday: What Shape Are My Horses Feet In? 

Featured Video: Jon Holling and Rick Wallace brought out their big-gun ugly Christmas sweaters for a special holiday episode of The Horse Talk Show featuring The Rick and Jon Show‘s illustrious hosts.

The Horse Talk Show

The Horse Talk Show with Louisa Barton

Posted by The Horse Talk Show on Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Friday News & Notes from World Equestrian Brands

Chestnuts roasting by an open fire! Photo by Emma Massingale.

Let it be known that yesterday I rode my thoroughbred after six weeks off and I did, in fact, survive. I’ll admit, I did put him on a rope for a while and let him bronc and rear and fling his legs about, because he needs to do that and I don’t really need to be involved. But I rode him and lived to tell the tale! Hope springs eternal.

National Holiday: National Cocoa Day

Weekend Preview: Don’t miss the USEA Annual Meeting & Convention, happening Friday through Sunday in Boston, Massachusetts. For those who are unable to attend, don’t forget to tune in to the live stream that is generously being offered once again. #USEAConvention: USEA Convention PageScheduleProgramLive Stream, USEA’s Coverage, EN’s Coverage

News From Around the Globe: 

Working with a horse with separation anxiety can be one of the most challenging things for any trainer. Your horse isn’t with you mentally, because he’s constantly distracted by the thought of his friends, and certainly for eventing it’s important that he learns to be okay alone, or he won’t be going out on a cross country course. With time and conscientious training, you can make a difference in his confidence, and your work will improve. [What To Do With Separation Anxiety]

Ready for some award-winning equestrian films for your long winter nights? Check out these British produced films that won awards at the Equus Film Festival in Kentucky this week. Ranging from a light-hearted Christmas ad to an in depth excursion into winning in the world of racing, these films are sure to warm your heart. [Watch Great Horse Films]

In a day and age where many riders have access to highly trained grooms, some horsemanship and knowledge around the barn has gone to the wayside. The only way to cure this is to demand horsemanship before riding, and encourage barns and parents to emphasize that as equal part of their equestrian education. [Real Riders Don’t Hand-Off Horsemanship]

Best of Blogs: I Got It From My Mother

Thursday News & Notes from Taylor Harris Insurance Services (THIS)

Vacation was a mistake. Photo by Kate Samuels

Next year, when November rolls around and I think I’ll do the cool thing and give my horse a vacation….somebody slap me. It’s the right thing to do, right? Give your young horse a vacation after a year of work? Just for like, a month, nothing crazy. Terrible idea. No more vacations.

National Holiday: Gingerbread House Day

Weekend Preview: Don’t miss the USEA Annual Meeting & Convention, happening Friday through Sunday in Boston, Massachusetts. For those who are unable to attend, don’t forget to tune in to the live stream that is generously being offered once again. #USEAConvention: USEA Convention PageScheduleProgramLive Stream, USEA’s Coverage, EN’s Coverage

News From Around the Globe: 

Looking for some last-minute Christmas gifts for your fellow eventer? Horse Nation has compiled a list of tried and true incredible gifts that you’ll want to keep for yourself, but should definitely also give to your friends. [HN Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide]

If you’re a first-time breeder and considering a new career for your mare come this spring, you should definitely start your research ahead of time. Systematically assessing your mare, preparing her and working with your veterinary team is part of ensuring success for your future superstar. Learn what lies ahead with this article. [8 Steps for Breeding Your Mare]

Best of Blogs: 9 Tips To Avoid Becoming A Bitter Barn Owner

Feeding your horse properly in the winter has to be an entirely different set of skills. Some horses get fat, some get thin, some go crazy with extra time in the stall, some have to be fed more but not enough to get hot. Figure out the magical nutrition recipe within. [6 Expert Tips For Feeding Horses in the Winter]

Friday News & Notes from World Equestrian Brands

We’re sad to report that the feisty and tiny mare Madeline passed away on Wednesday at the age of 19. Found by Marilyn Payne as a four-year-old, Baby was tamed by Holly Payne, and took her to the very highest levels of the sport. Despite her small stature, Baby never met a fence on cross country she couldn’t conquer. She retired a few years ago and became a schoolmaster for owner Jill Gordon, and was beloved through her final day. We will all miss you, Baby.

National Holiday: National Bartender Day

U.S. Weekend Preview:

Sporting Days Farm H.T. [Website] [Entry Status] [Ride Times] [Live Scores]

News From Around the Globe:

Duh duh duh the Maryland Five Star website and logo is officially released! Excitement is building for the new five star next fall held at Fair Hill, and in 312 days, we can see it in person. In the meantime, check out their new website and tour everything in virtual reality. [Maryland Five Star]

Concerns about the heat and humidity in Tokyo next summer have caused some early schedule changes. Included in the sports that have already been rearranged is Eventing, with the cross country portion moved to start at 7:30 am. Temperatures are predicted to be in the 90’s with a very high humidity, which is already causing concern for lots of competitors. [High Temps for Tokyo 2020]

Flying horses across the country and across the Atlantic is something most people don’t really think about. But for lots of top competitors, including Catherine Haddad Staller, it’s pretty much part of the game. Living in New Jersey, training in California and competing in Europe she’s on Air Horse One a lot. Curious about the details for flights this way and that? Read on. [One If By Land, Two If By Sea]

Best of Blogs: Beautiful Memories and Hard-Earned Healing

Hot on Horse Nation: Best Walmart Aisles for Horse People 


Thursday News & Notes from Taylor Harris Insurance Services (THIS)

A boop of magnificent proportions. Photo by Morningside Eventing.

I accomplished a magical thing this year, and managed to get my thoroughbred to take almost a WHOLE MONTH of vacation. Trust me when I tell you this is truly an early Christmas Miracle, as in previous attempts after five days he would start going bonkers. Of course, I brought him back into work and was hacking for a few days and then he cut off half his frog, so now we’re clinging to the precipice of sanity and hoping that heals quickly…

National Holiday: International Ninja Day

U.S. Weekend Preview:

Sporting Days Farm H.T. [Website] [Entry Status] [Ride Times] [Live Scores]

News From Around the Globe:

If you read one thing this winter about working with young horses, read this. Matt Brown writes about working with a particularly athletic OTTB in his barn, one that had him stymied intellectually. That is, until he remembered a lesson he learned from his sensei at karate school as a kid. Sometimes using your brain instead of your brawn gets the best results. [The Middle Path With Mr C]

Let’s talk crookedness. Crooked horses come in many shapes and sizes, whether from conformation, lameness, a crooked rider, or other causes, it’s never a good thing. Our job as riders is to help our horses be as straight as possible not only because it’s correct, but because it’s the most physically sustainable way to travel, and going about crooked tends to lead to discomfort down the line. [The Crooked Horse]

Gemma Jelinsky has been Liz Halliday-Sharp’s head groom for seven years. She redefines the term super groom, with traveling between England and the US, as well as heading to other countries to accompany her horses in their competitive endeavors. However, the life of a groom, no matter how good, is a tough life, and Gemma has been open about the toll it has taken on her life. [Gemma Loves Her Job, But Grooming Takes It’s Toll]

Winter has tons of horse health worries, but you can sleep sound at night with Taylor Harris Insurance Services on your side. With just five minutes and your morning coffee, you can fill out this online quote request form, and be well on your way to joining the ranks of top eventers who trust THIS. [THIS Matters in Winter]


Thanksgiving Day News & Notes from Taylor Harris Insurance Services (THIS)

Blanket malfunction! Photo by Michelle Craig.

Today, of course I am grateful for all the big and great things in my life, but I am reminded that we all need to practice gratefulness for the small and seemingly insignificant things on a more daily basis. Also, regular holiday PSA: please for all that is good and holy, be polite to everyone when driving, shopping, or otherwise interacting. The holiday season, as much as it is wonderful in a lot of ways, is stressful and more casual kindness would be a great addition. I’m talking directly to you, lady who cut me off while I was trying to park and get gas yesterday.

National Holiday: Thanksgiving Day

U.S. Weekend Preview:

Pine Top Thanksgiving H.T. [Website] [Entry Status] [Ride Times] [Live Scores]

Thanksgiving News & Notes:

In the spirit of gratefulness on this holiday, Taylor Harris Insurance is partnering with Brooke USA for an incredible fundraiser. Brooke, if you don’t know, is an international animal welfare charity dedicated to improving the lives of working horses, donkeys and mules. Operating in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East, and they reach over two million working horses, donkeys and mules. For Giving Tuesday this year, they’re raising money to complete an equine health post in Ethiopia. And THIS is matching the first $2,500 in donations, so get going! [THIS Brooke Fundraiser for Ethiopian Horses]

Need a little alone time after the hectic holiday? How about a free audiobook about donkeys? The dramatic story of how a pioneering animal lover saved 200 donkeys from imminent death, and in doing so inadvertently launched one of the world’s largest animal welfare charities, has been immortalised as a free audiobook this Christmas. As a donkey owner myself, I can tell you they’re ridiculously weird and adorable, and I will download this for sure. [Donkey Audiobook]

Brittany Halstead competed in both hunter jumpers and polo until a car crash nearly ended her life in 2014. However, using horses as a recovery tool from her brain injury, she’s now giving back to the equines that saved her life with ReplayPolo, an organization she formed to transition retired polo ponies into second careers. She helps them become therapeutic riding horses, hunters, jumpers, and more. [After Brain Injury, Healing & Giving Back with Horses]

Best of Blogs: Grateful for Grit

Featured Video:

Friday News & Notes from World Equestrian Brands

The magical time right between fall and winter. Photo by Juliet Graham.

Whoever says Thoroughbreds don’t grow thick coats should really have a chat with my horse Turkey. He’s getting clip number two already this year today, because the first one looks like it never existed, and it was not even that long ago. I really hope his heavy growth isn’t some sort of signal that he’s preparing for a winter from hell.

National Holiday: National Espresso Day

U.S. Weekend Preview:

Grand Oaks H.T. [Website] [Entry Status] [Ride Times] [Live Scores]

Southern Arizona H.T. [Website]  [Entry Status/Ride Times/Live Scores]

News From Around the Globe:

With the advent of winter, lots of Thoroughbreds are exiting their careers at the track and coming on the market for sport horse endeavors. Knowing how to pick and also vet a horse off the track is a special skill. The Retired Racehorse Project hosted a series of seminars recently, including an afternoon discussing PPE’s for OTTBs, and how to consider different factors that are commonly seen after a racing career. [Prepurchase Exam Tips for OTTBs]

Training Three-Days have been gaining popularity since their inception, but sometimes the qualifications seem a bit murky. The rules for qualifying have changed, as well, and if you’re thinking of tackling one in 2020, take advantage of the research that Horse Nation did and check out what you’ve got to accomplish in order to be qualified. [USEA Clarifies T3D Qualifications]

One Trakehner mare is keeping multiple dreams alive, with Kyle Carter in the irons. Not only is Reddy or Not the horse of Kyle’s dreams, but he’s continuing the dreams of her breeder, Christy Edwards, who tragically died in a traffic accident early last year. They both always believed the mare was destined for the top levels of eventing, and now it’s coming true. [Carter Keeps Edwards Dreams Alive with Reddy or Not]

Featured Video: Between CCI4*-L wins at Fair Hill and Ocala Jockey Club, nobody has had a hotter streak this fall than Erin Sylvester!

Thursday News & Notes from Taylor Harris Insurance Services (THIS)

Just some picturesque fall scenery before winter takes hold. Photo by Zeb Alampi Fry.

I guess it’s a week out now, so everybody should have their Thanksgiving menu planned right? Thanksgiving is about a lot of things, but for me mostly it’s the food, if I’m being totally honest. Every year I just wonder why we don’t actually eat stuffing all year round, and then inevitably I forget until next November. And today is National Stuffing Day!

National Holiday: National Stuffing Day

U.S. Weekend Preview:

Grand Oaks H.T. [Website] [Entry Status] [Ride Times] [Live Scores]

Southern Arizona H.T. [Website]  [Entry Status/Ride Times/Live Scores]

News From Around the Globe:

It’s the end of the season, so of course it’s time for some more confusing changes to FEI rules. The flag rule for eventers is of course of paramount importance, with the slight change now that says that the hindquarters must jump the height of the object even if they dislodge the flag. Other changes involving blood in dressage, spurs and martingales in jumping, and a complete overhaul of endurance have also been announced. [New FEI Rule Changes]

Looking for a new podcast to keep you busy during winter trot sets and hacks? The Chronicle is taking their journalistic prowess to the airwaves, and producing a podcast with interviews from riders across all disciplines and states. [COTH Podcast]

As riders we might be unfit for the jog strip, but our horses usually have a variety of body work specialists on call. My horse has a chiropractor, an acupuncturist, a masseuse, and a PEMF practitioner, just to name a few. I’ve experienced the magic of these therapies on a few occasions, and really enjoyed acupuncture in particular. Could your horse benefit from this therapy as well? [Getting to the Point: Equine Acupuncture]

Did you know that Taylor Harris Insurance Services is the choice of many of our top event riders in the US? Don’t miss a chance to join the ranks of the best and the brightest, you can request a quote for the 2020 season easily in about five minutes online. [THIS Is Eventing]

Featured Video: Congrats, Ingrid!

Friday News & Notes from World Equestrian Brands

Free lease baby! Photo by Leslie Wylie.

Do you like babies? Do you enjoy holding them, and sniffing their little milk-smell heads while they blather nonsense and paw the air with their grubby little hands like “Look at me! I’m a baby!”? Are you also, by chance, at Ocala Jockey Club International? Has Wylie got a job for you!! Free baby lease! She’ll even buy you a drink(s)! Any drink(s) you want! Not to mention EN karma 4ever! Flag her down or hit her up (865-414-9313) if you have a few spare moments to snuggle an adorable tiny human while Wylie writes.

National Holiday: National Bundt Day

Major International Events:

Australian International Three-Day Event: WebsiteEntriesScheduleRide TimesLive Scores

U.S. Weekend Preview: 

Ocala Jockey Club International: WebsiteScheduleEntriesRide TimesLive StreamEN’s CoverageEN’s TwitterEN’s Instagram

News From Around the Globe:

Heads up that there’s a two-hour rain delay at Ocala Jockey Club. Dressage will now begin at 10. Updated ride times can be found here and here.

Emma Bishop is your Mitsubishi Motors Australian International CCI5* leader following dressage. We’ve got a cross country course preview coming your way later today, and you can catch up on the dressage action in this report from An Eventful Life.

Is there anything more fun than snooping around somebody else’s barn? Nah, don’t think so. Luckily Horse & Hound did some snooping for us at Gemma Tattersall’s barn, and took some pictures of the scenes. It’s a barn of stars, including the incredible Arctic Soul, Chilli Morning (and some of his progeny) and several other international stars. [Check out Gemma Tattersall’s Yard]

When you have a foal on your hands, it’s easy to get a little too eager for training. After all, don’t you want to create the *perfect* horse? However, new research shows that even with very short training sessions, days off are essential to keeping the foals’ stress levels low and their learning curve consistent. [Young Foals in Training]

Help Team Hylofit with some information about you and your horse! Hylofit is seeking to better understand the habits of horse owners when it comes to technology and collecting/understanding data. Please take a few moments to fill out this anonymous survey. [Hylofit Survey]

Some companies are getting a head start on Black Friday this month. EN partner Nupafeed is amongst them, with a huge year end sale that you’ll want to capitalize on. The sale starts today and goes through the weekend, including both horse and dog supplements. [Nupafeed USA]

Featured Video (for our readers who are fluent in German):

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Penny Worsham’s Foxdale Celtic Charm enjoying the sunshine at OJC 3 Day. Photo by Kristin Schmolze.

Apparently this week is called an “Arctic Blast” by weather experts, and expected to break more than 300 temperature records across the country. Yesterday I did trot sets wearing my carhartt overalls, because while it’s probably the least fashionable ROOTD (don’t @ me Lainey), I was cozy and didn’t regret one thing. Bring it on, Arctic Blast.

National Holiday: National Pickle Day

Major International Events:

Australian International Three-Day Event: WebsiteEntriesScheduleRide TimesLive Scores

U.S. Weekend Preview: 

Ocala Jockey Club International: WebsiteScheduleEntries,  Ride TimesLive StreamEN’s CoverageEN’s TwitterEN’s Instagram

News From Around the Globe:

The talk of the town is the announcement that the USEF is prohibiting the use of Medroxyprogesterone acetate. Also known as Depo, this is a popular medication that is used for controlling hormones in mares, but has also been used for unapproved calming efforts in geldings. Due to a number of deaths from administration of this drug, the USEF has decided to ban it for good. [USEF Bans Depo]

Get to know Gemma Tattersall! She’s been a long time top competitor of British Eventing, but what is she like outside of her competition pants? Let’s just say she loves some Jimmy Choos. [9 Things You Didn’t Know About Gemma Tattersall]

Speaking of Gemma Tattersall, she wants to teach you about riding skinny corners and how to train them. As you go up the levels, corners are more and more prevalent on cross country, and the higher the level the more accuracy is required. Introducing them at an early point in your horse’s training will improve your ability to deal with them later. [Gemma Tattersall Explains Skinny Corner Training]

Good horsemanship transcends disciplines, as we all know well. A recent clinic with Stacia Madden at Rutledge Farm in Virginia proved just that, as she coached riders about the importance of accuracy but relaxation in the saddle, discipline with empathy, and creating exercises that help the riders learn and the horses understand. [Good Horsemanship with Stacia Madden]

Sponsor Spotlight: Nupafeed® USA’s biggest sale of the year starts this Friday, Nov. 15th and will continue through Sunday, Nov. 17. Nupafeed® Dog supplements are also included in this year’s sale!! [Nupafeed USA]

Featured Video: Get hyped for Adelaide!

Friday News & Notes from World Equestrian Brands

Elisa Wallace’s Rune & Fledge have arrived in Ocala ready to do their mustang demo at OJC International! Photo by Rick Wallace.

I would really love to give my horse a vacation after his last event at VHT, but after two days off this little monster starts to go batty. He does not enjoy vacation and he does not do well with it, and becomes more destructive and weird each day that he doesn’t get worked. Honestly, I would love to give ME a small vacation at the end of the season, but I guess that’s not happening either.

National Holiday: National Cappuccino Day

U.S. Weekend Preview:

Majestic Oaks H.T. [Website] [Entry Status] [Ride Times] [Live Scores]

River Glen H.T. [Website]  [Entry Status/Ride Times/Live Scores]

Texas Rose Horse Park H.T. [Website] [Entry Status] [Ride Times] [Live Scores]

Full Moon Farms H.T. [Website] [Entry Status] [Ride Times] [Live Scores]

News From Around the Globe:

Another record setting Rutledge: We are happy to share that Brian Rutledge, husband of five-star rider Colleen, is on the mend after a tough week. He wrote on Facebook, “Hi everyone! Well, I’m still kicking and still alive. I ended up having a quadruple bypass. The dr. told Colleen last night that they mostly see my condition in autopsies. I feel lucky to be here and will be changing a lot of things in my lifestyle. Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers yesterday, I really do appreciate it. The nurses in the ICU said I set a record for getting out of the ICU after heart surgery (less than 12 hours)! I am now on the regular floor and hopefully will be out in a few days.”

No Stirrups November continues, and it doesn’t have to be awful. First of all, you’re not required to do your entire ride without stirrups, and you really shouldn’t in fact. However, adding some fun exercises with ground poles and transitions in for a short section can really help your seat and core strength. [6 Exercises For No Stirrup November]

Now that it’s dark earlier, you’ve got time for ridiculous horse movies, right? Settle in, because Horse Nation has compiled a list of basically every horse movie EVER, and given a short summary and a rating according to how terrible or great is it. Wow, there are so many.  [Almost Every Horse Movie Ever]

Winter riding. Oh man. Here we are already. Did you forget how much longer it takes to groom your horse and tack up in the winter? How much longer it takes to dress yourself when you’re going to the barn? Make sure you have a few extra pairs of gloves in different places, because you will lose several. [8 Things You’d Forgotten About Winter Riding]

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Winner of the VHT doggy costume contest: Margaret! Photo from Whitney Weston Eventing.

Of all the people in this world who don’t like daylight savings time in the fall, my horses are top of the list. They firmly believe that dinner time is being unnecessarily delayed and they are NOT pleased. I have one horse who has some sort of military accuracy clock inside his head, and as dinner time approaches, he begins stall walking. Now, he stall walks for an hour or more, and hasn’t adjusted. It’s so great. I just love it so much. (Deep sarcasm).

National Holiday: National Men Make Dinner Day

U.S. Weekend Preview:

Majestic Oaks H.T. [Website] [Entry Status] [Ride Times] [Live Scores]

River Glen H.T. [Website]  [Entry Status/Ride Times/Live Scores]

Texas Rose Horse Park H.T. [Website] [Entry Status] [Ride Times] [Live Scores]

Full Moon Farms H.T. [Website] [Entry Status] [Ride Times] [Live Scores]

News From Around the Globe:

Pippa Funnell has been nominated as Britain’s Sports Action Woman of the Year, following her incredible comeback victory at Burghley this fall. Fourteen years after her last five star win, 50-year-old Pippa is back on the top of the sport, and fulfilling all of our dreams. Let’s help her win! [Help Pippa Win BT’s Sport’s Woman of the Year]

Riding through the winter has so many fun aspects. Wearing ten thousand layers, slogging through mud at the gateways, trying to ride in the pitch dark, so much fun! Extra points for working in an office during the day and trying to figure out how to ride before or after work, and also not offend your coworkers with your twenty-seven jackets. [9 Things Horsey People Say in the Winter in the Office]

Ah, No Stirrup November has arrived again. While we here at EN do not condone full commitment (please use your stirrups to warm up and let your horse loosen his back!), we do think no stirrup has its place in the world. Jitterbug also has a great guide to making the most of this exercise. [Jitterbug’s Guide to No Stirrup November]

French rider Thibault Fournier is making great steps (literally) in his recovery. He has awoken from his coma, and has now begun physical rehabilitation, including his first steps. The 24-year-old was the youngest winner of Pau last year, but was unfortunately injured in a fall at Pompadour Horse Trials in October. [Thibault Fournier Continues Recovery]

Featured Video:

Halloween News & Notes from Taylor Harris Insurance Services (THIS)

Just some glorious fall on a hack yesterday. Photo by Kate Samuels.

Fall is my favorite time of year, mostly because I am so sick of the hot summer, but also because the changing leaves are truly incredible and I never lose my admiration year after year. Also, Virginia Horse Trials, my favorite event, is this weekend! And then it’s the end of the season for me, which means a little break for horses (and riders) which is always nice.

National Holiday: HALLOWEEN

Major Weekend Events:

Galway Downs 3DE & H.T. [Website]  [Entry Status] [Ride Times] [Live Scores]

U.S. Weekend Preview:

Virginia 3DE & H.T. [Website] [Entry Status] [Ride Times] [Live Scores]

Rocking Horse H.T. [Website]  [Entry Status] [Ride Times] [Live Scores]

Full Gallop H.T. [Website]  [Entry Status] [Ride Times] [Live Scores]

News From Around the Globe:

US Equestrian is making it easier than ever to get all your High Performance news and updates, all in one place. The Eventing pages on the USEF website are in the process of an overhaul, and there will be A LOT of new updates, resources and content popping up there between now and the end of the year. Many of the updates are already live, including a new News and Updates section, which will be essentially used as a bulletin board for High Performance announcements. Check it out now for announcements, open applications, press releases, important links, athlete memos and newsletters. [US Equestrian Eventing News & Updates]

Speaking of going above and beyond to keep the lines of communication wide open, the next US Equestrian Open Athlete Forum will be held during the Galway Downs International Three-Day Event in Temecula, California, on Friday, Nov. 1 at 4:30 p.m. PST in the Patron’s Tent. The final Open Athlete Forum of the 2019 season will take place during the Ocala Jockey Club International Three-Day Event, Nov. 13-17 in Reddick, Florida. Exact day/time to be confirmed. The High Performance sessions at the 2019 USEA Annual Meeting & Convention will take place on Friday, Dec. 13 in Boston, Massachusetts. [Schedule and session times]

Impressed by the inaugural US Event Horse Futurity this year? Get ready to enter for 2020! With prize money and promotions for US Breeders all year, it’s a great way to feature purpose-bred event horses and the people who put their lives into breeding them. Find out more in the link. [US Event Horse Futurity]

Winning a five-star before your 30th birthday is no mean feat — just ask Tom McEwan. After his impressive wire-to-wire victory at Pau, you might be interested in learning more about this young man. He’s from a proper horsey family, with mom a show jumper and dad an equine vet, and has been winning medals since his days in the Pony European Championships. [11 Things You Might Not Know About Tom McEwan]

Fall also means fox hunting season, and the Brits are absolutely bonkers. I tell everyone that fox hunting in the States and fox hunting over in England are two different sports, and this article on hedge hopping basically proves my point. I’m pretty sure Americans would poop their pants if they saw this on a Wednesday hunt. [Hedge Hopping: How To Get To The Other Side]

Featured Video:

Friday News & Notes from World Equestrian Brands

Senan Bourke. Photo courtesy of Bourke Eventing.

Tim Bourke and Marley Stone Bourke’s ridiculously adorable two-year-old son would like you to know that he’s in the running for the 2039 Land Rover Kentucky Dubarry Best Dressed award, and he’s clearly working on becoming a fashion icon for young eventers worldwide. Dubarry judges, take note. He’s ready.

National Holiday: National Frankenstein Friday

Major Events:

5 Etoiles de Pau: WebsiteEntriesForm GuideLive ScoresLive StreamEN’s CoverageEN’s TwitterEN’s Instagram

U.S. Weekend Preview:

Waredaca 3DE & H.T. [Website] [HT Entry Status] [3DE Entry Status] [HT Ride Times] [3DE Ride Times] [Live Scores]

Windermere Run H.T. [Website] [Entry Status/Ride Times/Live Scores]

Chattahoochee Hills H.T. [Website]  [Entry Status] [Ride Times] [Live Scores]

Holly Hill H.T. [Website]  [Entry Status] [Ride Times] [Live Scores]

News From Around the Globe:

FLAIR Strips is celebrating 20 years! Can you believe it?! To spread the joy with this anniversary, they have an excellent giveaway for twenty winners. To enter, simply follow the link below and upload your favorite photo featuring FLAIR Strips. Each winner will get six packs of FLAIR Strips and a FLAIR towel. [Enter to Win FLAIR]

Horse & Country is live streaming Pau with exclusive English commentary. Dressage and jumping are free to view, and the cross-country is available for Horse & Country subscribers only, from the United Kingdom, Ireland, USA, Canada, Sweden, The Netherlands, Germany, Austria and Australia. Stream the cross-country live exclusively on H&C.  [Pau Livestream]

Since 1984, only six nations have won Olympic medals in eventing. Except for Sara Algotsson Ostholt and Wega in 2012, not only have these six nations won all the team medals, but also the individual medals have all gone to them as well. With the new format for 2020, is it time to see some outsider influence? Equiratings breaks it down. [The Long Read: New Teams on the Podium?]

Rescuing horses is an amazing endeavor, but so often we see it all gone wrong. Why is it that the best intentions sometimes end up going down the same road as the initial abuse? With mental illness as a strong factor in lots of rescues that end up as seizures themselves, delving into the psychology of animal hoarding and abuse is a complicated matter. [Good Intentions Gone Wrong]

Hot on Horse Nation: Old Wives’ Tales in the Horse World 

Featured Video: More Halloween spirit from Hagyard Midsouth H.T.