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When your pony is just the cuuuutest. Photo by Jenna Conrades.

If you have friends who are even a little bit clever with a good camera and a nice lens, I cannot recommend enough that you have a seasonal photo shoot with your horse and/or dog. The pure joy of looking at nice photos of my silly horses, and my dog running through water, and a little good lighting and editing along the way, cannot be matched. I think because we all have cameras on us all the time how fun it is to actually fill a camera roll with one subject, but add it to your list for next year. Or even better, give a friend a photoshoot as a gift! Anyway, here is Turkey looking cute as hell in my recent photoshoot.

U.S. Weekend Preview

Ram Tap H.T. & Classic 3-Day (Fresno, CA)[Website] [Entries] [Ride Times] [Volunteer] [Scoring]

The Event at TerraNova (Myakka City, FL) [Website] [Entries] [Ride Times] [Volunteer] [Scoring][Live Stream]

News From Around the Globe:

Being a horse-crazy little girl is hard, but being a first-generation equine-smitten little girl is harder. Sarah Harris received a pony for her 8th birthday, and she and her sister Emily were completely in love with the mare, Allie, almost immediately. This led to a lifetime of learning about horses, and training dozens. They call themselves “unlikely” horse people. That’s not only because of their own family’s lack of horse background, but also because Black equestrians are generally underrepresented in modern horse sports. So they formed Sisters Horsing Around to be the educational resource and representation that they wish they had when they were younger. [First-Generation Black Equestrians Make A Splash Online]

Do you have an idea for the equestrian world that could really make an impact? You might want to check out this opportunity from Heels Down Mag CEO and President of EcoGold, Patricia da Silva. She’s offering a chance to foster and give back to a select few equestrian entrepreneurs, sort of like horse-themed Shark Tank, if you will. [Calling All Visionary Equestrians]

Bustin’ Myths Left and Right: Are White Hooves Really Weaker Than Dark Hooves?

I honestly thought that daylight savings was ending this year, and I cannot tell you how truly angry I was to find out that I was incorrect. Nobody wants more hours at 6 AM when it’s freezing cold. Nobody. And especially not equestrians. I want more hours in the afternoon when it’s warmed up and the footing is good! Riding when the days get shorter is a pain, but developing good technique for getting it done without hating yourself and ruining your life is possible. [Three Ways to Save Time on Short Days]

Interested in setting up a jump chute for your young horse this winter? Check out this step-by-step guide to building a chute and using it properly from Spy Coast Farm’s head trainer, Ciaran Thompson. [Free Jumping Your Young Horse]



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