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That feeling when you get your gold medal on your ex-eventing horse. Photo courtesy of Whitney Grabe.

There aren’t many horses, much less thoroughbreds, who perform at both the highest levels of Eventing as well as Dressage, but Whitney Grabe has one. I saw this photo posted by Whitney this week, and reading her story made me smile. Military Mind only raced three times, but he competed successfully through the CCI4* level with Whitney in the irons, and upon retirement from his second career, they embarked on a Dressage journey. Now they have achieved their gold medal together, competing at Grand Prix, which is almost unheard of from a Thoroughbred these days, and always tugs at my TB loving heart strings. Way to go Whitney!

Major International Events

London International Horse Show (Wednesday December 13th – Monday December 18th) [Website] [Tickets] [Program] [Scoring]
How to Watch: [UK] [FEI Classes: FEI TV (via ClipMyHorse.TV)] [Non-FEI Classes: H&C+]

News From Around the Globe:

We’re all devastated by the loss of Great Meadow International for next year’s calendar. The organizers said they were unable to come to an agreement with the Great Meadow Foundation, the nonprofit organization that oversees the 374-acre equestrian park, over maintenance of the cross-country footing in time to plan for next year’s event. The drought this summer in Virginia was extensive, and officials for the foundation refused to allow the use of irrigation for the eventing competition, resulting in a large amount of riders withdrawing due to the hard ground.  [Competition for Resources Blamed for Great Meadow Cancellation]

Scientific advancements in concussion studies have made equestrian helmets safer than ever. An international panel of experts assembled by the FEI to better protect riders from head injuries released a report on its work this week that sets an ambitious, “aspirational” goal: Cutting the rate of riding-related concussions in half by strengthening equestrian helmet testing standards, and beginning to get those new standards—and new helmets that meet them—in place internationally within the next five years. [FEI Helmet Group Sets Ambitious Safety Targets]

After you and your horse have enjoyed some well-deserved rest, check out this serpentine exercise from Phillip Dutton. For one of your first cross-country schooling sessions preparing for next season, it’s important to work more on rideability than anything else, and this exercise certainly accomplishes that! [Phillip Dutton’s Serpentine Exercise]

Hot on Horse Nation: Thoroughbred Logic — Starting Over Fences

The last Olympic long-format was run in 2000 in Sydney, Australia, and the last Kentucky long-format was in 2005. After the transition to the current eventing format, the USEA Classic Three-Day Task Force was born by supporters of the traditional format who felt that its influence on the sport was critical in the education of horses and riders. This year, the USEA Classic Three-Day Task Force gathered together to host an open forum to discuss the benefits of participating in and hosting a Classic Series event. [Standout Quotes from Classic Format Discussion]


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