A Eventer Among DQs: Jimmy Wofford to Crash Next Sprieser Sporthorses Virtual Cocktail Party

Photos courtesy of Gamecock Photo and EN’s Instagram.

If you were hosting a cocktail party and could invite ONE (1) special guest of honor — anyone in the world — who would it be? For me, it’d be a toss-up between American eventing legend Jimmy Wofford and British fox hunting/party girl legend, the Lady Martha Sitwell. MAYBE Michelle Obama or Steve Martin coming in hot as runner up.

Lauren Sprieser of Sprieser Sporthorses must be on the same page, as she’s coaxed our beloved Jimmy into “attending” the next edition of her Virtual Cocktail Party Series, supported by the Sprieser Sporthorse Elite Club. Lauren is a great DQ friend of EN’s, a non-judgemental patron saint of strugglebus event riders — I had the honor of taking a lesson from her once, and it was illuminating. Dressage is real, yo! Like global warming, another topic that bums us out but we gotta tackle it anyway.

Soon, the two worlds collide:

From Lauren: “On Monday, May 25, I’m incredibly honored to be joined by Olympic Silver Medalist in eventing and living legend Jimmy Wofford to talk cross training for dressage riders, and moving forward in sport in a classical way. We’ll talk about the expectations of young and developing horses in their bodies and minds, and how to preserve both while still accomplishing big things.”

Feel free also, Jimmy, to engage in a little light-hearted ragging on our sandbox dwelling brethren. Tell ’em to go for a hack, just for a giggle. Or, if you really want to break the internet, advise trotting a little log or two! Nature’s cavaletti! You know we’re here for it!

Learn, ask questions, have a beverage (or not!), and most importantly just have fun. How does it work? Download the Zoom app to your phone, tablet or laptop. It’s free! But the meetings are limited to the first 100 participants, so RSVP today to receive the link via email. Meetings go live at 7 p.m. EST. Promptness is encouraged!

For more information and to sign up, click here.