A Horse of a Different Color: D’Jion

"A Horse of a Different Color" features horses and ponies that have been successful in the sport of eventing while representing a unique breed. Do you have a horse that you think would be a great feature subject? If so, email [email protected].

Hanna and D'Jion celebrating at the CCI* at Ocala. Photo from Hanna Bundy. Hanna and D'Jion celebrating at the CCI* at Ocala. Photo from Hanna Bundy.

We know Mustangs are among the most versatile breeds, so a Mustang who has excelled in eventing comes as no surprise. This week, we meet D’Jion, a Canadian Mustang from British Columbia. In 2012, Hanna Bundy, a young rider from Toronto, was looking for a new mount to take her to the next level.

Hanna’s coach, Jessica Phoenix, found D’Jion, otherwise known as Mustard, at Dreamcrest Farm in Ontario. “His previous owner was going off to school and needed to sell him,” Hanna said. “We weren’t really sure exactly what he was capable of, but we definitely knew he could jump. It all happened very fast; within two days, I had sold my old (Preliminary) horse and purchased Mustard.”

Ten years old at the time, Mustard had already shown his chops for the sport. He had competed at NAJYRC at the CCI* level with his previous owner, but Hanna still wasn’t sure what to expect from her horse of a different color. “I definitely didn’t know what kind of horse I had until I took him to his first Intermediate event,” Hannah said. “His stride on cross country is crazy. He covers so much ground; it’s a pretty amazing feeling.”

Hanna and Mustard schooling at home with Jessie Phoenix. Photo from Hanna Bundy.

Hanna and Mustard schooling at home. Photo from Hanna Bundy.

Mustard’s toughest phase has been dressage, as he tends to get a bit tense. Hanna has spent a lot of time working with dressage trainer Jacquie Brooks and has seen a marked improvement since beginning this program. “Every day he just gets more and more solid,” Hannah said. “He definitely still has his days, but it has gotten way more manageable.”

Hanna and Mustard’s partnership progressed quickly, and in 2013 the pair finished seventh in the Ocala Horse Properties CCI* and also completed their first CIC2* at Jersey Fresh. This year, Hanna and Mustard will compete at the two-star level in order to qualify for NAJYRC. Hanna hopes to eventually move up to Advanced, and it’s her hope that Mustard will be the one to take her there. Best of luck to Hanna and D’Jion!

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