A Very ‘Spooktacular’ SmartPak Supplement Shellout: Enter to Win SmartCalm Ultra!

I’ve owned several event horses who tried to tell me the dressage arena was haunted. To this horse’s credit, that dressage letter marker does kiiiiiind of resemble a tombstone. Illustration by Morgane Schmidt/The Idea of Order via Horse Nation.

October is the spookiest month of the year — and we don’t just mean Halloween. That nippy autumn chill can have even the most placid event horse seeing “ghosts” lurking in arena corners and “boogie monsters” dwelling beneath jumps.

A calming supplement like SmartCalm Ultra Pellets can help persuade your spook-prone horse to take a breath. It features:

  • An herb-free formula for nervous system function
  • ¬†Ingredients including vitamins minerals and amino acids to help minimize excessive skittishness
  • ¬†A tasty pellet with no added sugar!

Sound like something your horse could use?

Tell us what spooks YOUR horse using the Rafflecopter widget below. We’ll share your responses and pick one winner at random to win a month supply of SmartCalm Ultra from our friends at SmartPak. Entries accepted through next Monday, Oct. 28, and we’ll announce the winner in time for Halloween!