Honeymoon Ride View, presented by World Equestrian Brands

This week’s ears photo is probably going to make you jealous, I know I am. A beach ride, in Jamaica, on a honeymoon, it sounds like something out of a movie! Thanks to Victoria (sorry!!) for submitting her photo, and as always, thank you for reading! If you’d like to submit your photograph of your honeymoon beach ride (or some other, more ‘daily’ experience) please send it to: [email protected].


I took this picture on top of a beautiful gelding named Black Star in the beautiful country of Jamaica.  My best friends bought me and my husband a beach ride in Jamaica for our honeymoon.  It was always one of my dreams to ride a horse on a beach, and Jamaica was the best place for a beach ride!  The water was clear, blue and pristine, my horse was big and pretty and I was on a trip of a lifetime with my new husband! One check off my bucket list!  


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