View: Mr Brightside, presented by World Equestrian Brands

This week’s ears photo has a sad story behind it, especially because it is coming from one of my good friends. If you’ve been in horses long enough, you’ve probably had at least one serious horse injury come your way, whether it was a soft tissue injury, fracture, colic surgery, or something of the like. No one likes to have to put a horse on stall rest for an extended period of time, and watch even the quietest horse grow to be more and more of a monster. The whole process of stall rest and rehabbing pretty much sucks. Our condolences to Sarah about Mr. Brightside, and best wishes on a fast and sane recovery!

Hey Annie,
This is Mr. Brightside allowing me a hack down the road in nothing but a Rambo, a halter and a lead. We were on our way to our last jump school together. He sustained a career ending injury while jumping earlier this week. With collective EN karma, I am looking on the Brightside. I cannot wait for the day I can hack him down the road again in nothing but his Rambo, halter and lead.
Sarah Malecha & Mr. Brightside



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