Above and Beyond: Rolex 2017 Highlights

“Above and beyond” is an expression embraced by Land Rover, presenting sponsor of the Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event, as sort of philosophical roadmap for living. From LandRover.com:

“Some people are driven to go above and beyond the ordinary. To challenge the expected, push the impossible and adventure into the unknown to reach new heights. But what is it that gives people this natural urge to explore their boundaries, to go above their comfort zone, beyond their limits?”

Certainly, a willingness to go “above and beyond” is a prerequisite for eventing at the four-star level. This video from Land Rover does a great job of capturing the energy and the narrative of Rolex 2017 via a montage of stunning videography, heartstopping action footage and in-the-moment interviews.

If you’re experiencing a bit of Rolex withdrawal today, may this offer a few moments of relief!

Go Eventing.

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