Acronyms for Amateur Riders

Gerlinde Beckers & Roscommon Fagan. Photo by Shannon Brinkman Photo.

As an aspiring amateur rider (I am currently a professional, but my goal is to be an amateur with a full-time career who rides horses as well), I was thinking the other day about the crazy and funny things amateurs do.

Some of these acronyms are far too long to actually catch on in any way, but they capture the lifestyle of someone balancing riding horses with all of the other life things.

Most of them applied to me or some of my students in the last few months. Here are a few examples, but I’d love to hear more suggestions!

WBWOZC – wearing breeches while on zoom calls

WAHSMSE – why are horse show mornings so early?

EHBRTC – explaining “horse-back riding” to colleagues

CFMHITD – can’t find my horse in the dark

CISDTXCS – calling in “sick” to work due to XC school

SWAFHS – skipping work altogether for a horse show

NMC – need more coffee

NMI – need more ibuprofen

NFH – need fewer horses

SNSFTAW – should not shop for tack at work

SAMMOMH – spending all of my money on my horse

IUTBYAB – I used to be young and brave

ETHHITO – excuse the helmet hair in the office

HWTMHPOMD – having way too many horse pictures on my desk

TLSKAW – trying to live-stream Kentucky at work

PFVAHS – planning family vacations around horse shows

MHIMR – my horse is my refuge.