Adam Frizzell: 12 Signs You’ve Married an Eventer

Meet Adam Frizzell, eventer husband extraordinaire to wife Caitrin O’Shea. We’ve had some truly fantastic reader submissions over the years, but this one has to go down in EN history as one of the best. Kudos, Adam. We guarantee you’ve been building EN karma during all those years of sleeping in the horse trailer and trying to figure out dressage. You rock.

Doesn't everyone keep extracted baby horse teeth in their jewelry box?

From Adam:

My wife forwarded me the “17 signs you’re dating a horse rider” article from Horse & Hound yesterday. I thought it was pretty funny, but I also thought I should start up and share a list for us “horse hubbies.” Dating an eventer is one thing, but marrying one takes a special (read: crazy) sort of person. Everything on this list has happened to me or is part of daily life. Wouldn’t change a thing!

Would love to see any other spouses out there add to the list too:

Top 12 Signs You’ve Married an Eventer

#12. When you go somewhere together and take her car, it takes about 10 minutes to clean off the passenger seat of boots, saddle pads, etc.

#11. You’ve perfected the art of sleeping soundly in the gooseneck of a trailer.

#10. When you go shopping for your wife, you’re subconsciously drawn to anything in her cross country colors.

#9. You’re not at all embarrassed when your wife throws a fit at the bar when they’ve changed the channel on the one TV showing Rolex coverage.

#8. You have become very opinionated about brands of leather conditioner.

#7. Years later, you kinda sorta are starting to understand this dressage thing.

#6. At horse shows, you’ve learned long ago that you need to stay out of the way but don’t stray too far, and, when she needs something back at the trailer, you better RUN your ass off to go get it!

#5. Full Cheek Eggbutt Snaffle. You know what that is.

#4. That smell — the sweat, hay, dirty barn, horse poop melange … you can’t help it, but it’s kind of a turn on now.

#3. You’ve spent countless hours researching the perfect hay cart.

#2. The best gift you’ve gotten her lately is this weird and crazy expensive inflatable vest. And she loves it.

#1. In your wife’s jewelry box, next to all of the expensive jewelry and special keepsakes that you’ve bought her over the years, is a bag of extracted baby horse teeth.

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