Addicted to Wordle? Try the Eventing Edition!

Unless you permanently live under a rock (which I am definitely guilty of these days), you’ve likely heard of and are even more likely to be addicted to the new web game, Wordle.

This simple game, which challenges players to guess one five-letter word each day using a series of hints, has taken the internet by storm and was even recently acquired by the New York Times (how’s that for a pandemic side gig?). We’ve been hankering for more Wordle in our lives, so we’ve taken it upon ourselves to create some horse and eventing-specific Worlde knockoffs just for you!

We’ll share new Eventing Wordle links here on EN throughout each week with eventing and horse-specific words, so keep an eye out here — and be sure to share your results on social and tag us!

Click here to play today’s EN Wordle.