Adelaide kicks off with picture perfect weather

The HSBC Water Complex - Australian Three Day Event 2012

The HSBC Water Complex - Australian Three Day Event 2012, photo by ESJ Photo

Yes, it is me… ESJ, I know it has been a while, I have been a busy boy, doing all sorts of things with my photography, including working with models (of the human not equine kind). Fate brings me back to Adelaide where my personal EN adventure began in 2010.

Today was a beautiful day with clear skies, warm sun and a nice breeze just a perfect way to kick off Australia’s premier CCI, the weather for the weekend also looks good although a little hotter.

Aust three day event 2012

Robert Palm and Koko Black CCI4* pair, photo by ESJ Photo

This morning we kicked off with the Trot (Jog) in the CCI2* and then CCI4*. Unfortunately it wasn’t everyone’s day with 5 combinations bowing out before the end of the inspection in the two star and a further combination in the four star.

The combinations going home early in the CCI2* are:

Wendy Schaeffer & Sun Showers
Emma Mason & Poker Face
Makayla Wood & Just Corona
Fiona Guthrie & Crockadoo
Dominic Jones & Paint the Sky

In the CCI4* Soigne Jackson and Gold will not be starting tomorrow afternoon when the CCI4* competition begins.

The two star competition got heated at the end of the day with the best performances rewarded in the last two sessions of the day. Sophie Adams on Mercator Du Ry took the lead before the afternoon tea break with a 45.9. After the tea break ┬áLindsay Honey from Western Australia equalled Sophie’ score to take the joint lead.

Wendela Jamie one of two mounts for Craig Barrett

Wendela Jamie one of two mounts for Craig Barrett, photo by ESJ Photo

The last two riders of the day Amanda Habjan (Ellesmore Storm) jumped into  third and then the last rider for the day Jade Findlay (Frontier Psychiatrist) slipped in front of Amanda to take third rounding out the top five is Kirsty Douglas (Cushavon Crackerjack). Full scores are here.

This is my fourth time at Adelaide on a Wayne Copping designed track and each time he manages to find new elements to the track, new directions and new fences. This time there are a few interesting new inclusions.

Channel 7 Stag Corner, like no fence I have ever seen before

Channel 7 Stag Corner, like no fence I have ever seen before, photo by ESJ Photo

Most interesting to me is the new Channel 7 Stag Corner elements, when you approach directly from the front it looks like you can gallop between the parallel brushes that make up the fence, but in fact when taken on the correct line they make a very big brush fence, on a turn to another and then a skinny triple. This combination may cause some excitement on Saturday.

The Equestrian Australia Hollow, Duck, Coffin, Duck

The Equestrian Australia Hollow, Duck, Coffin, Duck, photo by ESJ Photo

Dressage resumes first thing in the morning. Here are some pics to finish off.

Yours in Eventing




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