Adult Team Challenges Coming to Stable View

We’ve seen the Intercollegiate and Interscholastic Championships. We’ve seen the Alumni Cup. And now, Stable View is announcing a new Team Challenge coming to you: the Stable View Adult Team Challenge.

This new Team Challenge will be offered during Stable View’s Summer Horses Trials (June 21st-23rd) as well as Oktoberfest (September 27th-29th).

Teams can be a collection of three or four members, with the best three scores on a team counting. Competitors can be riding at any level (using the USEA Intercollegiate Team Challenge coefficient system) and teams can be made up of professionals and amateurs. Each rider is only allowed to have a maximum of two horses per team.

To enter a team, please email Emma at [email protected] with your team name and a list of team members by the show’s closing date. Prizes will be announced!

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