Coming Soon: Immerse Yourself in Eventing with Kate Chadderton’s New Eventing Immersion Academy

Kate Chadderton and VS McCuan Civil Liberty at the 2015 Blenheim Palace CCI3* Photo by Shannon Brinkman.

Kate Chadderton, who has represented Australia at the 5* level on multiple horses, is embarking on an exciting new venture with an upcoming Eventing Immersion Academy hosted in Pennsylvania this summer. Aimed at providing an immersive learning experience for those newer to the sport of eventing or interested in getting their feet (and hooves) wet, the Academy is set to improve the way riders engage with the sport.

“I switched my whole business up,” Kate explains. “Teaching wasn’t really my thing since I wasn’t home much, but now I’m doing a lot more. I’ve been at sort of a loss in terms of where I fit in the sport. I don’t want to just be – I’ve seen riders kind of disappear because they can’t evolve to the next plan and this is one way that I can continue to provide input.””

Kate’s Eventing Academy focuses on comprehensive horsemanship. “The concept of horsemanship, that learning about eventing isn’t really just about going and tacking up and going to a lesson and then you’re done with your learning,” she says. She emphasizes the importance of understanding the nuances of horse care and the deep bond between horse and rider, and the experience one gains from traveling with their horse.

The Academy’s curriculum spans several days and includes lessons in dressage, cross country and show jumping. Participants will learn practical skills such as how to use a watch to pace their ride and the geometry of navigating a course. “The rider understanding how to ride to the speed of the level,” Kate notes, is a critical aspect often overlooked in modern eventing training. Riders will also have access to bodywork for horses and humans, saddle fitting, and a “fix-a-test” session with a dressage judge. The Academy will culminate in an abbreviated competition hosted at Kate’s farm in Cochranville, PA.

An exciting feature of the Academy is the involvement of top professionals. “Boyd Martin has kindly offered to do a tour of his barn for us,” Kate shares, highlighting the collaborative spirit of the eventing community. Other Australian riders — dependent on Olympic selection for this round — will also lend their expertise as coaches for the Academy. Additionally, Dr. Kevin Keane will provide insights into the maintenance of event horses, underscoring the importance of veterinary care in the sport.

Kate’s vision extends beyond mere technical training. She aims to recreate the focused, immersive environment of major competitions like the Kentucky Three-Day Event. “Not many people get to experience that setting, and it’s so, so valuable to getting to know your horse,” she says.

The Eventing Academy is set to run from July 16-19 and August 5-9 at Kate’s farm as well as Boyd Martin’s Windurra USA. With plans to expand to locations like Aiken for a winter session, Kate is committed to making this unique educational experience accessible to more riders. She recommends this Academy particularly for riders up through Modified.

For more information or to sign up, interested individuals can visit the Eventing Immersion Academy website here or contact Kate directly at [email protected].

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