AEC Friday Instagram Roundup: Riders of the Storm

You know that saying, “I could see it coming from a mile away?” Well, you could see this storm coming from maybe the next state over. Ominous clouds, dramatic lightning, booming thunder … it was actually pretty neat to watch unless, of course, you were a rider waiting to do your dressage test or start cross country. Then it was just a bummer.

After a couple holds, Friday’s competition was halted mid-afternoon to be continued Saturday. We’ll be along soon with our daily report, and of course we’ll update you with regard to the revised schedule when it’s posted! In the meantime here are a few snapshots from the day:

How we feel about lightning delay. #rbf

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So this happened ⚡️

A post shared by Olivia Jefferson (@omg.eventing) on

Rain hold at the AEC's #aec2018 #eventingnation #pouringrain

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Thunder, lightning, and rain!! #colorado #imissthis

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Welcome to Colorado 🌩 . . . #aecs #americaneventingchampionships #coloradohorsepark

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