AEC Photo Gallery: Advanced & Prelim XC

Jonathan Holling and Proper Timing made the massive Advanced drop look easy.

Horse Nation contributor Amanda Ronan was on the scene at Texas Rose Horse Park on Friday and generously shared some of her fantastic photos with EN. Thanks Amanda! Stay tuned for much more AEC coverage throughout the weekend. [AEC Homepage] [Schedule] [Live Scores]


Kristi Nunnink on R-Star off the Advanced drop.

Laine Ashker riding Anthony Patch is the overnight leader with a score of 37.1.

Laine Ashker riding Anthony Patch is the overnight leader with a score of 37.1.

Michael Pollard sat steady on mount Mensa G.

Barbara Crabo riding Eveready finished strong with front leg action worthy of a ninja...HIYAH!

Unfortunately, Crabo did not have as much luck on Over Easy, suffering a runout at 19C.

Avery Klunick riding In It To Win It made the technical 13, 14, and 15 appear simple, but other riders suffered trouble in this tricky portion.


Clayton Fredericks on Sorrento sits in second place overnight with a score of 28.6.

Darlene McInnes and Warlord are determined and ready.

Helen Brew and Pangare splash through the water...and win my vote for best saddle pad.

Jennifer Bazen is all smiles as Emiko sails over the final jump at the water obstacle.

Jessica McCabe and Ferdinand.

Julie Lobaugh and Highlander.

Michelle Donlick and Tremolo made neat work of a hairy situation coming out of the water, but their luck ran out when the suffered a 20pt. penalty later on in the course.

Yvonne Ocrant and 'Sall About Me moved up two places to sit in third overnight in the Sr. Preliminary Amateur division on their score of 37.9.

Leslie Law riding Tout de Suite are the overnight leaders in the Preliminary Horse division with a score of 23.7.

Lida McAllister gets my vote for 'Save of the Day' when Flagmount's Harmony lost focus. Through the zigging, zagging, and finally straightening, Lida stayed calm and galloped on. Ain't no thang!

Go Eventing!

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