Sunday Afternoon Volcano Update

I never expected to have to use “Volcano Update” as part of a post title.

I have received word that Oliver Townend and William Fox-Pitt are leaving England today with a “mad travel plan” to avoid all of the massive flight delays and cancellations caused by the Icelandic Volcano.  This probably means they will miss the final day of the Belton Park event, a major Badminton prep. Flight bans for the UK have been recently extended to 0600 GMT Monday (1AM EST).  I wonder how high “I have a really important horse show in Kentucky this week” ranks on an Airliner’s list of priorities for delayed passengers.  Check back later this evening for our final (thank God) preview group of Rolex competitors.
Update: lec, who knows her stuff, has commented that “WFP and Ollie are driving to Barcelona,Spain and then hoping to get a flight to the USA.”  buena suerte


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