All Clear for CCI4*-L at MARS Bromont CCI First Horse Inspection

Kendal Lehari and Audacious (4*L). Photo by Sally Spickard.

We are ready to move on to dressage following the First Horse Inspection at the MARS Bromont CCI, which will begin in earnest Thursday with dressage competition for the CCI2* through CCI4* divisions. The jog was predominantly drama-free, though there were a few moments to keep the onlookers entertained.

In the end, all 19 4*-L pairs were accepted, and we saw two holds in total across divisions: in the U25 CCI2*-L, Kelly Belanger withdrew Murphy’s Got Charm from the hold box, and in the CCI3*-L, Jenny Roberts’ Sommersby was held but accepted upon re-presentation. There was also one brief stoppage while Colleen Loach’s FE Golden Eye spooked off down the remainder of the jog strip — he was quickly caught and crisis was averted, but RIP to poor Colleen’s hat!

Looking to the competition schedule, we’ll see dressage for the all divisions except for the 4*-S Thursday, with overflow and the 4*-S riding their tests on Friday. Cross country for all divisions will run Saturday, followed by show jumping Sunday afternoon.

There is sadly no live stream of the action this week, but you can follow along on both @bromontcci and @goeventing on Instagram to see much more from on the ground!

MARS Bromont CCI (Lac Brome, Quebec, Canada) [Website] [Schedule] [Entries] [Volunteer] [Live Scoring] [EN’s Coverage]

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