Luhmuhlen jog: so far so good

I just received an email from Allison that Arthur, Wonderfull Will, and The Good Witch all passed the first inspection at the Luhmuhlen CCI4* in Germany, meaning that all three US pairs at Luhmuhlen move on to the dressage.  Allison told me that Arthur was very professional in the jog which can only be bad news for all the other competitors.  For all the latest on Arthur at Luhmulen, be sure to check out Allison’s blog.  Allison mentions in her blog that she has been training with Bettina Hoy, who is one of the best dressage riders in eventing, over the last couple of days to polish up Arthurs dressage.
Ollie and Carousel Quest were held but passed on reinspection, and quite a few horses were asked to re-jog, which was the case at the first inspection at Bromont.  Wednesday jogs are about the Ground Jury getting to know what each horse looks like before the exertion of XC.  Christian Landolt was on the Bromont Ground Jury and is also a member of the Ground Jury at Luhmuhlen.
Go eventing.
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