Farewell Wexford

Lauren O’Brien’s Pan American gold medal winning horse Wexford was euthanized at Lauren’s farm in North Carolina last Friday, according to the Chronicle.  Wexford competed in multiple four-stars throughout his long and prosperous career, and was named the 1995 USCTA Horse of the Year.  In 1999, Wexford’s 5th place finish helped the US team win gold at the Pan American Games in Winnipeg, Canada.  
Lauren told the Chronicle “In his day he was one of the best horses in the country. He won a lot and made a lot of dreams come true. But he was very quirky. He didn’t care for people. He and I had an understanding and a trust between us, but he made it very clear that he didn’t need people.”  Wexford was 25.
Thanks for a great career Wexford, and may your pastures always be green.
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