Alterations Made to Badminton Course Ahead of Cross Country Day

Fence 27AB at Badminton, the Horsequest Quarry, will now feature just one element.

Today’s tempestuous weather conditions saw over 7mm of rain dumped over Badminton, which has led to some alterations to the cross country course. These are as follows:

Fence 15: Lightsource BP Pond  – hardcore stone footing to be placed behind the B element.

Fence 17: The Lemieux Mound – the B element, which was to be a choice of two brush boxes, has been removed, leaving just the A element, an upright rail atop a hill.

Fence 21: The Badminton Lake – the water level to be lowered.

Fence 26: The Jubilee Clump Brush – some decoration around the fence will be removed to make it a smoother line on the approach.

Fence 27: The HorseQuest Quarry – the A element to be removed, leaving just one of the two stone walls, which will be situated on the flat at the apex of the uphill approach.

There is no alteration to the optimum time, time allowed or distance. You can check out the original course in full in our comprehensive course walk with designer Eric Winter here.

Badminton Horse Trials: [Website] [Entries] [Schedule] [Live Stream – Badminton TV] [Radio Badminton] [Tickets] [EN’s Coverage]

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