An Irishman Migrates South: Jamie’s Journey to the AECs

Ingvill Ramberg and Johnny's Private Collection. Photo courtesy of D & G Photography Ingvill Ramberg and Johnny's Private Collection. Photo courtesy of D & G Photography

Johnny’s Private Collection, an Irish Sport Horse better known as Jamie, is a perfect gentleman. When we loaded him alone in the six-horse trailer in Minnesota, he settled right in like he always does when he’s on his way to a clinic or a show.

What he didn’t know was that this trailer ride would be 16 hours (give or take a few pit stops for stretching and water) from Hugo, Minnesota to Tyler, Texas for the 2014 Nutrena USEA American Eventing Championships!

Welcome to Iowa, Jamie! Photo by Lindsey Kahn

Welcome to Iowa, Jamie! Photo by Lindsey Kahn

Jamie’s owner, Ingvill Ramberg of Woodloch Stable, will be riding him in the Beginner Novice Horse Championships at the Texas Rose Horse Park, and is excited to show off Jamie’s lovely dressage movements, tractable personality, and powerful athleticism in hopes that he will soon find his next owner to continue his competition career.

“He has competed Beginner Novice and Novice and is always in the ribbons, and is currently schooling Training level,” she explains. “Jamie has a wonderful attitude and seems to really enjoy his job.”

The two of them have competed all over Minnesota and Wisconsin, and most recently won their division at the Area 4 Championships at Otter Creek Farm last weekend. It seemed only natural that the AECs would be their next destination!

Somewhere around Kansas City, Jamie started to get a little bored. While he still was as polite as ever when we made our pit stop, he nodded his head as if to say, “Seriously, are we there yet?”

Our journey south fortunately proceeded without a hitch (although some rough roads in Oklahoma shook us up a little), and we arrived at the Texas Rose Horse Park very early on Wednesday morning safe and sound, albeit very sleepy.


“Hello, Texas!” Photo by Lindsey Kahn

Jamie settled into his stall in the Rose Barn as though he’d lived there his entire life. It was as though he had just gone for a short trailer trip down the road and back. After some fresh water, some sweet home-grown hay, and a little beer, Jamie was right at home in Texas and is ready to get down to business.

His breeder, Jennifer Stevens of Longfield Farm, is also making the trek down to Texas to cheer on Ingvill and Jamie; Jamie is just a sampling of her thoughtful and successful Irish Draught and Irish Sport Horse breeding program.

I am excited to join Jennifer and Bill Ramberg, Ingvill’s husband and my boss, to watch Ingvill and her redheaded, beer-drinking Irishman this weekend. This is a wonderful opportunity for riders of all levels to demonstrate and celebrate their hard work with their equine partners, and while I’m partial to the Irish Horse from up north, I wish good luck and much insanity in the middle to all competitors in all classes!

Ingvill contemplates an Advanced XC jump... Maybe next year! Photo by Lindsey Kahn

Ingvill contemplates an Advanced XC jump… Maybe next year! Photo by Lindsey Kahn

Go Irish Sport Horses. Go Eventing.


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