An Open Letter to Sheikh Mohammed & Princess Haya

The big news today is FEI President Princess Haya won’t be seeking a third term, which doesn’t exactly come as a surprise considering her husband is currently embroiled in a horse doping scandal. Click here to read Princess Haya’s official statement on the FEI website. As always, Horse Nation delivers very important analysis on this issue.

From Horse Nation:

I think we can all agree that the Sheikh and his wife, FEI President Princess Haya, are not having the best year ever. Being the caring website that we are, we thought we’d reach out.

First, there is the scandal surrounding the Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum’s history of drug violations in the sports of racing and endurance. Earlier this year, 11 thoroughbreds trained at the Sheikh’s Godolphin Racing Stable tested positive for banned steroids. And then, just this month, over 100 unauthorized medications were confiscated from the operation that houses the Maktoum family’s endurance horses.


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What makes everything especially awkward is that the Sheikh is married to Princess Haya, whose big legacy was supposed to be the FEI’s Clean Sport Campaign. Bet that made for some terse dinner table discussions! Now Haya is seeking a third term as president of the FEI, but her bid is being met with opposition by some countries who sense a conflict of interest.

Man, that’s a sticky situation. We thought the royal couple could use a little bit of Horse Nation wisdom, so we wrote them an open letter. Here goes:

Dear Sheikh Mohammed and Princess Haya,

First, please know that we are huge fans. Princess Haya, you have the greatest collection of fancy hats and it was so awesome when you stuck up for gay sporthorses! Sheikh Mohammed, you continually crack us up with your hilarious scowls and grumpy faces. Sure, we’ve given you a hard time in the past, but it’s all in good fun.

We know you’re having a rough year–the little doping thing, and now nobody wants the Princess to be president anymore, etc. Maybe it’s time to take a little vacation from the horse thing, eh? You know, try something new, explore the unknown. There are so many other Olympic sports out there that could benefit from your money, power and smooth charm. Here are some ideas to get you started:

So many awesome possibilities! I mean, we’d hate to lose you (who would we make fun of then?), but you know what they say: Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end, yeah.

Go Riding,

Horse Nation

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