Wednesday Video from Kentucky Performance Products: Plantation CIC3* XC Helmet Cam

Despite the fact that my weekend didn’t go exactly as planned (cue a pony that is too fit for his own good in the sandbox equaling disaster), I still managed to have a reasonably good time this weekend at Plantation Field International Horse Trials. The weather was beautiful, I met some awesome new friends (shout out to Holly Jacks and Callie Evans!), and had a great time watching all my friends and cheering them on from the top of the hill.

I also brought my helmet camera, but just as a forewarning a) my helmet slipped a few times and the lighting got all funky and b) my horse was entirely too fit and he thought that the first three fences were too small and he decided to run off after 3 to make it more fun. Despite these two things, he was foot perfect through all the combinations, and came home with only a few seconds time over a tough course. I was luckily one of the last riders for whom the water complex was removed, but sadly that means you don’t get to see my head go through a keyhole. Enjoy!

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