Announcing the 6th Annual EN Blogger Contest Top Six!

We’ve narrowed down what started with an absolutely astonishing number of entries, first to thirteen semi-finalists and now to a sweet six. They are a talented group, and we’d be lucky to have any one of these individuals answering alongside us to our supreme leaders the Chinchilla Overlords.

We will be publishing their second round entries on Bloggers Row tomorrow, so be sure to swing by and see their thoughtful and clever entries.

Without further ado, here are your six finalists!

Viviane Pendleton
Sophie Hulme
Christa Dillon
Kathy Carter
Laura Gravelle
Lauren Grindall

For their last assignment, the aspiring bloggers will be submitting their thoughts and reflections on the 2016 Rio Olympics at the conclusion of the eventing portion of the Games. We can’t wait to hear their perspective on this historic moment in our sport, and we hope you’ll join us in cheering them on.

Go Eventing!