Announcing the Tipperary T2 #mindyourmelon Contest Winner!

Photo by Sophia Bromund. Photo by Sophia Bromund.

We had some wonderfully inspiring stories submitted for our contest to win a Tipperary T2 helmet last week. It was incredibly difficult to narrow down the field to the 10 finalists, and we’re sure it was even more difficult for you to vote for just one!

The poll has closed, and we’re pleased to announce that Joan Davis is the lucky winner of a Tipperary T2 helmet! Joan had a wonderful story about minding her melon that she was kind enough to share with us, and we are so glad that she has continued to be involved with the sport as a professional photographer. Joan, we’ll be in touch regarding claiming your prize shortly, and congratulations!

Many thanks to all who entered this awesome contest sponsored by Tipperary. Stay tuned for more contests as the summer continues!

Joan Davis:

I’ve always been one to “mind my melon” when riding. I had a nasty fall in 1978 jumping my Prelim horse over a teeny warm up fence. The result was a nasty head and neck injury, plus short-term amnesia. If I hadn’t been wearing an approved helmet, I would not be writing this today.

Doctors told me no more riding, but I continued for 20+ years competing through the CCI* (long format) level! In 2001, I aggravated the initial injury, and it was no more riding for me. Words cannot describe the depression that followed.

I have stayed connected to the eventing community as an official photographer. Fast forward a dozen or so years. While photographing in Iceland last month, I had the opportunity to ride an Icelandic horse.

Amazingly, those gorgeous tolting creatures did not aggravate my neck at all! It seems, after thinking I would only be able to capture moments of other people riding, I may be able to ride again after all. My old riding helmet was tossed years ago. A new helmet to “mind my melon” is the first step to see if I really can get back in the saddle again.

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