Announcing Your Fourth Annual Blogger Contest Winner!

*Actual prize may differ. *Actual prize may differ.

It’s been a wild ride for this year’s Blogger Contest! We had four truly amazing finalists, and we definitely had a difficult time choosing a winner, especially after seeing how incredibly close the votes were in the final poll. After much deliberation, we are very pleased to announce the winner of this year’s contest:

Maggie Deatrick!

Maggie’s skill with numbers and statistics and excellent analysis of this year’s WEG team positively blew our minds, and we’re thrilled that she’s bringing her talents to the EN team. She’s got this crazy brilliant idea to build some sort of database with rider scores and all sorts of other numbers that we can’t fathom, so get ready to have your minds blown, EN!

For those of you who became diehard fans of Rolex Husband, Wendy Angel, and Lynn Marie Garvin — never fear! All three have agreed to come on to the team as bloggers as well. They will be starting to write for us immediately, so stay tuned for much more from this year’s talented field of finalists.

Rolex Husband has been cracking us up on Twitter since his wife dragged him to Kentucky this year, and if you aren’t already following him, you should do so immediately here. That’s just a sneak peek of the hilarity he’ll be bringing to EN. And it’s also nice to have some testosterone on the team again since John abandoned us to to join the circus.

Let’s not forget that Wendy Angel singlehandedly facilitated a sponsorship for this year’s U.S. World Equestrian Games team in her round 2 contest entry. Balls of Steel not only manufactures a very cool product in whiskey and spirit chillers, but the company also donates 15 percent of its profits to testicular cancer research. Bravo, Wendy! (And don’t forget to use coupon code “GO-WEG” for free U.S. shipping!)

And we’re still laughing about Lynn Garvin’s assessment of how the U.S. WEG horses would fare on a night out at the pub: “Sparky brings the tall drinks to the table and, despite suffering from short man syndrome, also brings the laughs; Reggie makes friends with everyone in the bar and ends up buying the rounds; and Oscar quietly nurses his Jameson in the corner until someone wants to scrap in the parking lot, at which point he kicks everyone’s butt in the name of the USA, and then orders another drink.”

Many thanks once again to all who entered our Fourth Annual Blogger Contest this year. We are consistently amazed at the support and love that you all show EN on a daily basis, and we truly could not do this without your readership and participation. Much love, EN. Much love.

Relive all the glory of this year’s Blogger Contest by reading all the entries of this year’s talented pool of entries here.

Go Eventing.


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