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Meet Ultra-Thin VIP Equestrian Saddle Pad

Image courtesy of Achieve Equine.


VIP Equestrian Saddle Pads are made with a unique polymer called VEteq™. VIP Equestrian has exclusive rights to this proprietary polymer used in the human medical field. VEteq is not a gel. It is a viscoelastic polymer that was designed over 50 years ago and has been rigorously tested worldwide in scientific research. Known as the universal gold standard in impact protection, the material in the VIP draws and disperses heat and does not leak or bottom out under pressure, providing cushion to the horse’s back to alleviate pressure points and evenly distribute weight on the horse’s back.

Image courtesy of Achieve Equine.


The bobble design maximizes the use of the VEteq material without making the VIP bulky and heavy. The bobbles have a small amount of movement, so when the VIP is placed properly with the bobbles down, against the horse’s back or on the traditional saddle pad, the soft tissues of the horse’s back can move under the VIP. In effect, the top and bottom of the VIP move separately.

Under pressure, the bobble design on the VIP Saddle Pad ensures uniform thickness and no bottoming out. Foams, memory foams, and wool can deform over time in response to a rider’s weight and horse’s way of going. This can have further deleterious effect on the straightness of the horse and symmetry of the rider. The VIP is ultra-durable and retains protective properties.

Image courtesy of Achieve Equine.


At only 8 mm thick, the VIP is designed so it doesn’t interfere with a correctly fitted saddle. The age-old analogy says, if your shoes fit then why would you make them tight by adding a thick pair of socks? What if you have amazing fitting shoes and add a very thin insole that makes them more comfortable? This is what the VIP does. The VIP adds a superior layer of cushioning for the horse’s back.

Image courtesy of Achieve Equine.


No, the VIP is not sticky. A sticky saddle pad can cause problems, including friction, sticking to the horse and plucking the horse’s hair when the pad is removed.
The VIP is soft, flexible, and seamless with no pressure causing trims. It is hypoallergenic and bacteriostatic (it will not grow mold or transfer bacteria), so you can use it either directly on your horse’s back under a traditional saddle pad or between a traditional saddle pad and saddle. The VIP is safe to use on multiple horses.