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A Unicorn in Training at MayDaze H.T.

Our team Evans Equestrian was hanging out at the Kentucky Horse Park last weekend competing nine horses at MayDaze H.T. and KDA Dressage. With 27 rides over the weekend we probably had enough to do, but we eventers are always looking for a challenge.

Everyone knows I’m up for a project here and there, the quintessential diamond in the rough, that next “Unicorn” — the special horse of your dreams. I sent my team out on a mission to procure us a unicorn, and being the good students they are, found one. Enter “ButterscotchpinkiepieHankprincessSparkles.”

The Spidey twins successfully procure the Unicorn. Photo by Margot Luria.

We didn’t waste any time, and training commenced immediately. Upon closer inspection it became apparent that our unicorn was in fact a Pegasus! Jackpot! While small in stature, his uphill build and strong wings should suit him nicely for eventing at the upper levels.

We began by starting him on a diet worthy of a class competition horse …

Photo by Susan Luria.

… and tack fitting. Unfortunately, none of our beautiful Antares saddles or bridles would fit due to his oversized head and extremely wide back. So, it looks like our Antares saddle rep Zach will have to make a trip out to the farm once we arrive home, in order to do a proper saddle fitting. We decided to carry on bareback and bridleless, hoping for the best, using our natural horsemanship techniques.

Photo by Susan Luria.

Sparkles seemed to have a natural frame and self-carriage (he must have been a dressage Pegasus in a past life) so we went straight to cross country schooling as we had access to the excellent course at MayDaze. Our first attempts were typical green horse stuff … we need to work on straightness and galloping away in the correct direction.

But then he started to get the idea. It helped when Aj Foltz and Margot Luria got on to familiarize him with the water, and then he felt more comfortable to drop into the water on his own.

Photo by Susan Luria.

Photo by Susan Luria.

After such a successful first outing, we decided to call it a day, and take him back to the barn. We will be sure to keep everyone updated on his progress, as he is sure to move through the levels quickly.

Photo by Susan Luria.

We are very excited about our fabulous new prospect, and a huge shout out to Susan and Margot Luria, Kristi and Aj Foltz, Jessica Hart, and Brie Allen for their help in finding, training and caring for our special new recruit!