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Allergies Don’t Have to Be an Obstacle

Photo courtesy of Lindsay Beer-Drury/Haygain.

I’m a professional event rider based in Springwater, Ontario and Aiken, South Carolina. I operate Lindsay Beer Eventing, my multi-faceted equestrian business that offers sales, lessons, training and more. Between campaigning my string of horses at their respective levels, I also work in partnership with Rose Red Equestrian Farm to produce sport horses from their impeccable breeding program. Though it is a busy lifestyle, I love it and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Recently, I was attending an Ontario Equestrian Team GRIT training camp hosted at the beautiful Adena Springs. Haygain, a generous supporter of this program, was also in attendance and was kind enough to speak with each athlete about their products. I needed no convincing when it came to the benefits of using a Haygain Hay Steamer. First one, now two, hay steamers have found a home in my stable over recent years. When I was able to share my experience using the product, I was reminded that my story is not unique. Many horse owners and riders deal with these issues in their horses but don’t yet realize the solution may be simpler than initially thought…

Photo courtesy of Lindsay Beer-Drury/Haygain.

El Paso’s Allergies

It began a few years back with my first horse that was named to the Canadian Eventing Team, El Paso. While we were having success competing across North America at the Advanced level, he was struggling with allergies on a regular basis. Between medication and other therapies, his allergy symptoms were becoming increasingly difficult to manage. Hoping that it would make a difference, I ordered the Haygain HG One and began incorporating its use into El Paso’s daily routine. The difference in his symptoms was nothing short of remarkable. With steamed hay, he was able to sustain a long career at the upper levels of the sport without suffering from allergies or any other respiratory health issues.

Beyond El Paso’s experience, I’ve seen it benefit several more of my horses. Billy Shamrock is a BSH mare I currently compete at the Preliminary level. She was imported from Great Britain in 2018 and seemed to require more time to adjust to the forage fed here in North America. In order to combat the issues she was initially experiencing, we added Steamed Hay to her diet. Again, the results were impressive, to say the least.

Photo courtesy of Lindsay Beer-Drury/Haygain.

With Haygain’s Help

With goals of representing Canada at the top levels of the sport, I feel confident I can rely on Haygain to help me keep my horses healthy and happy. 2022 is just around the corner and with that, a new season of eventing. With Kennystown Frankie and Southern Time gearing up for a season at the Advanced level, it is sure to be a busy and fun season.

Overall, Haygain Hay Steamers have been a brilliant addition to my stable and time and time again I am impressed with the results. My favourite steamer is the HG 600. This is the model I have in my stable and it makes the process feel very simple and is easy enough to transport to shows. I encourage you to visit Haygain’s website to view the models available and pick out the most convenient one for you.

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