Badminton & Burghley Winner Clifton Promise Tests Positive for Banned Substance

Jock Paget and Clifton Promise at Badminton (photo by Jenni Autry)

Horse & Hound has reported that Jock Paget’s Badminton & Burghley winner, Clifton Promise, has tested positive for a prohibited substance following his Burghley win in early September. As a result of that, both Jock and Promise have been suspended from all national and international competitions for two months, beginning immediately until further information can be acquired.

Promise has tested positive for Reserpine, which acts as an intense tranquilizer and is on the FEI Prohibited Substance List. According to the FEI these are: “substances that have been deemed by the FEI to have no legitimate use in equine medicine and/or have a high potential for abuse i.e. human antidepressants, antipsychotics, nervous system stimulants, etc”

H&H Reports:

H&H could not reach Jock for comment, but a statement from Equestrian Sport New Zealand (ESNZ) said: “Surrey-based Paget was understandably shocked at the finding. “He and all relevant parties state categorically that none of them have taken any actions with the intent of administering any prohibited substance. “ESNZ and Paget are establishing a likely cause of the positive test and will provide submissions to the FEI Tribunal as required.”

The FEI Tribunal’s list of pending cases also shows that Clifton Pinot, ridden by Jock’s mentor — Australian Eventer Kevin McNab — also tested positive for the same substance at Burghley.

[Full H&H Report]

Paget Eventing’s page on Facebook has released the statement below. The ESNZ statement stands behind Jock and everyone involved 100%. [ESNZ Statement]

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