Badminton Casts Support for Compulsory Use of Frangible Technology

Photo courtesy of ERA International

Following last week’s call from the United States Eventing Association for the FEI to mandate use of frangible technology on certain types of cross country fences at international events, Badminton Horse Trials has now also stated support for the initiative, which continues to gain momentum on social media.

Hugh Thomas, director of Badminton, released the following statement:

“At Badminton we have always been very supportive of the development of frangible technology and indeed a lot of testing has been carried out here from the very beginning. We have used this technology to reduce the risks to horses and riders, while acknowledging that acceptable risk is an integral part of eventing and it will never be possible, or indeed desirable, to make the sport completely ‘safe’.

“We now believe the time has come for the FEI to make the use of suitable frangible technology compulsory in respect of those types of fences that are susceptible to its introduction, rather than simply recommended. We support the initiative of the United States Equestrian Association, also supported by the International Event Officials Club, asking the FEI to take this action.”

The USEA released the original statement on October 18. If you missed it, the statement reads:

“The time has come to take a stronger stance on the usage of frangible technology in the sport of eventing. We as the leaders of the sport have the moral obligation to say that the time for use of all currently available safety technology is now.

“With that in mind, the USEA Cross-Country Safety Sub-Committee strongly recommends that the FEI mandates rather than strongly recommends that all open rail fences, gates, oxers and oxer corners must be built using reverse frangible technology. The time is now.”

The Canadian Eventing Committee and International Eventing Officials Club have also cast their support for the initiative, which you can read about in detail in this EN article.

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