Best of 2019 Video Countdown: #13 – Tim Price vs. Andrew Hoy, Who is the Best (Worst) Braider?

Each day between now and the New Year we’re counting down the top 15 most popular videos shared on EN in 2019. The #13 spot goes to “Tim Price vs. Andrew Hoy, Who is the Best (Worst) Braider?,” which garnered 4,445 views when it was originally posted on June 17, 2019.

Plaiting Challenge of Tim Price and Andrew Hoy

Um die Zeit bis zum Geländetstart um 12.15 Uhr ein wenig zu überbrücken, schaut Euch an wie sich Tim Price und Andrew Hoy eine knallharte Einflecht-Challenge liefern.Just so you won’t get bored until the cross-country starts at 12.15 watch the incredibly tough and competitive plaiting challenge of Tim Price and Andrew Hoy. Team PriceJulis Eventer

Posted by Turniergesellschaft Luhmühlen on Saturday, June 15, 2019

The severe weather overnight from Friday into Saturday caused a delay to the start of all divisions of cross country at Luhmühlen, so everyone had a little time to kill on Saturday morning. German blogger Julis Eventer put together a challenge to help keep everyone entertained before the real competition resumed, and she pit Tim Price and Andrew Hoy against each other in an intense battle of skill.

The test? Who can complete the most braids in three minutes. 

The winner? Honestly, no one really. And it seems Andrew Hoy’s groom nearly died of embarrassment in the process — poor girl. Watch the video above to be absolutely utterly appalled at the braiding skills of these top competitors and in the process gain even more of an appreciation for super grooms everywhere.