Best of Craigslist: Version 2.0

In this grand world wide web invented by Al Gore, there happens a unique, bizarre bazaar phenomenon of Craigslist.  Part eBay, part flea market, part redneck yard sale, Craigslist is a free-for-all classified site where good deals can be found in any category from cars to dishwashers to llamas.  It’s like treasure hunting from your keyboard, and you never quite know what you’ll find.  Craigslist frequently has a few equine-related listings; the quality and content of which may vary widely.  Thus, for your entertainment, we now bring you THE BEST OF CRAIGSLIST


Today’s theme:  “Geldin’, Guelding, and Gleding 4 sale”


These are ACTUAL listings… you can’t make this stuff up!



buckskin geldin – $600 (ooltewah,tn)

Date: 2010-01-16, 5:37PM EST
Reply to: see below


12 year old buckskin geldin he’s about 15 1/2 hh. Has a smooth gaited so smooth he will not move u in the saddle. Dont let the age fool you this horse is full of spunk but is a little high strung. Needs a intermadate to advanced rider. MUST RIDE TO APPRECAITE. Stands for farrier and ties good. You can crawl all over this horse and he wont bother u. please contact me at 423-902-6849 for more info and pics. thxs and god bless email/call any time


  • Is it ironic that “redneck” is misspelled in his email address??




Date: 2009-12-29, 8:17PM EST


I Have A Beautiful Tennessee Walking Horse/Quarter Horse Mixed Guelding,About 14.5 HH,6yrs.Old.He Is Broke 2 Ride,I Used 2 Ride Him Almost Everyday,But I Just Don’t Have The Time For Him Anymore,Thats Why I Have 2 Get Rid Of Him..He Has Shoes On Right Now(2 front shoes)They Have Been On Him About 3wks.It Doesn’t Bother Him At All About Messing With His Feet.And, Also He Loves Water.He Stands Still Very Well,He Loads Very Well.He Isn’t Spooky At All,Nothing Bothers Him.If You Have Any Questions,Please Don’t Be Scared To Ask Me,And I Also Might Trade,So Tell Me What You Have.Thanks,For Looking @ My Ad.Sorry Don’t Have Any Pictures,My Computer Won’t Download Them,If Your Interested,Please Email Me & I Will Send You Pictures.


  • I Am So Much More Likely 2 Buy This Horse Because Every Word In This Never-Ending Listing Is Capitalized.  




***Paint Gleding*** – $550 (Ocala, FL)

Date: 2009-12-23, 9:27AM EST


3 year old paint gleding has been started under saddle, all ground work has been done. 14h, will mature to 14.2 or 14.3, loads, ties, and clips. Stand for furrier. This horse has been on trail. I’m asking for 550 or obo. Please Call Anytime 352 572 0014 . ** Note- No emails, must call**


  • Misspelling “gelding” once could be blamed on a fast-paced typo.  Using “gleding” twice?  Hardly coincidence…  It’s also nice to know this horse obediently donates its pelt to a “furrier.”  Those types are hard to find…!





Big Grade Gelding (Montana)

Date: 2009-10-15, 12:54AM MDT


Big grade gelding. Been used as a pickup horse until he got hooked by a bull. Think he has a split personality, some days he’s great, some days he’s a real prick. No secrets here, you need to tranq him to shoe him or he will try and kick your head off. He has been used for branding, moving cows, ranch roping ect. And like I said, some days he is great, we have had beginner riders on him and they have done fine, I have ridden him in the hills or gathered on him and he was fine,He is not great to catch, although we have him turmed out on 140 acres so he can leave if he wants, but in a smaller pen he is much better. he just needs someone that isnt going to take his $hit on a regular basis. He needs to be taken and used. If you are looking for a horse that you can ride twice a year, well then this is not the horse for you., But if you use your horse as often as you change your pants then he will probably suit you perfect. We bought him with the intention of selling him and because we have more than enough horses he has gone to the bottom of the priority barrel. He is not a horse for the faint hearted, if you are handy and need a project or if you think you are handy and need to try and prove it. I think he is about 11 years old. 15.3 hands. Answers to the name of Dick.  Ok, he doesn’t answer, thats just what I call him. $2,500 obo.


  • How can you NOT appreciate the brutal honesty in this listing??  Kudos to you, Montana, for selling (and telling) “as is!”  I can’t decide which line is my favorite: “…split personality, some days he’s great, some days he’s a real prick,” or “…if you use your horse as often as you change your pants…”, or “…Dick…OK, he doesn’t answer, that’s just what I call him.”  Bravo, Montana, bravo!




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