Best of HN: 8 Words That Make Breaking In a New Phone Tough For Equestrians

Photo via Barbara Lane/Pixabay

Autocorrect stepping in where it isn’t needed has certainly been responsible for more than one gaffe in the smartphone age (expect for the whole “covfefe” thing — you really let us down there). Fortunately, with enough furious repetition and backspacing, it’s possible to train one’s autocorrect to recognize certain words unique to one’s own areas of interest.

But the first few days or so with a brand new phone? Those days are rough. Speaking from recent experience, here are a few equestrian words that really gave my phone a hard time for the past week or so.

1. OTTB (no, not itty. How can you even recognize THAT as a word?)

2. SMZ (no, not SMH, I don’t even say that)

3. Percherons (yeah, phone, I really wanted to ask my father-in-law if he was planning to drive the persons this weekend)

4. Bute (no one knew what I was talking about when I said “let’s cut him to one scoop of sure in the morning”)

5. AQHA (no, we’re not following aqua rules)

6. Pastern (not the pattern)

7. Withers (I don’t have a horse with high withered. That doesn’t even make sense)

8. Forecart (this might be a bit of a fringe word for draft drivers only, but it’s a thing… not a forecast)

And, of course, woe betide you if you have a horse with an unusual name. The phone now recognizes “Jobber” but for awhile he was “jibber” no matter what I typed in there. Is jibber even a word? We’ll never know.

What would you add to the list?

Go riding!