#EventerFailFriday: Airs Above the Ground

Gravity is a drag. As eventers, we’re always looking for ways to defy it — jump higher, leap further. Yet, gravity will always defy us in the end. What goes up, as they say, must come down.

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How do you like our new dance move? #eventerproblems

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Today was less than spectacular…RJ decided to flip over on me about ten minutes into our workout. I had been working him just after sunset, and the arena lighting is shitty at our current farm. He found a corner that apparently displeased him (it was wet, footing a little deep, and full of shadows) and stopped from a walk. I added seat, then leg, and felt him tense up. His back humped, his ass dropped, and then he went pretty much straight up. I think if the footing was better we may have worked out of it, but he got tangled in back and went over. He landed pretty much on my leg and hip, which saved the Stubben we just paid off from serious damage (you’re welcome @hollynanne ) but I’m pretty sure he stepped on my calf on the way up. Torqued back, pretty fat leg, and some apologies to the wife for adding some flavor to her saddle. He came back over acting contrite, so I hopped back on and we worked for another ten minutes. Gonna be sore tomorrow. #thoroughbred #ottb #juicedeventer #eventer #jumper #eventerproblems

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Go Eventing.