Best of HN: Twitter Ponders ‘If Cow People Made Inspirational Memes Like Horse People’

… really, it’s a valid thought experiment.

Humankind’s relationship to the horse is fraught with emotion. After all, there’s no other large livestock species that we keep purely for personal relationships, whether for companionship or competition. The horse inspires us and drives us to be our best selves while also giving us a roller-coaster ride of emotion: there are no higher highs or lower lows than the ones you’ll discover in a lifetime with horses.

And that emotional relationship expresses itself best sometimes in meme form. Sometimes, when the days are darkest or the light is brightest, we find common ground in a good ol’ inspirational meme. A quick spin around Pinterest turned these up right away:

Et cetera.

Hey, it takes a serious amount of grit to make it in the horse world — and by “make it” we mean “continue to fall in love with these giant walking babies who are really good at breaking our hearts,” let alone the competitive aspect of our world. We get the meme thing.

But when you view it objectively, the meme thing is pretty hysterical. Enter the cow people of Twitter.

(Okay, to play devil’s advocate, there’s a lot of grit needed to make it in the dairy or beef industry too, so we get it. People just don’t tend to meme it very often.)

The responses were pretty solid.

Like, we’ve all definitely said this about our horse lives before.

And who hasn’t said this to themselves, especially when they have any kind of horse who is slightly unique for your chosen discipline? (Which is to say, you know, all of them.)

Cow people of Twitter, we salute you. Keep those inspirational memes coming.