Best of JN: ‘Pony App’ Will Change Equine Bookkeeping Forever

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Palo Alto, Calif. – May 16, 2017 – Tired of writing checks? Chasing down payment? Wondering when was the last time your horse saw the dentist?

At last, there is a solution for all your problems: The PonyApp!

US Olympian Lucy Davis and partner Lindsay Douglass launched Ponyapp this winter to provide an easy solution for horse care clients and professionals across the globe.

“None of us got hooked to this lifestyle to camp out in an office. Ponyapp makes managing your stable and/or business more efficient, so we can all spend more time on the ground with the horses,” Davis explained. “Our goal is to funnel the daily horse care services, news, and records into one place.”

What does it do? It is an iOS application for iPhone and iPad (Android and Desktop platforms coming soon) that helps you manage your business and stable in a centralized location:

1. Log important horse activities.
2. Set reminders for things like vaccinations, farrier visits, registration renewals, etc.
3. Upload vet reports, x-rays, or any other important documents.
4. Read articles, watch videos and review results from the top sport.
5. Invoice on its direct (and secure) payment platform…Pay and get paid!!

Who is it for? EVERYONE. PonyApp was designed specifically for the equine industry. No matter your level of involvement with horses, PonyApp has something for you

Where can you find it? In the App Store, by searching “the Ponyapp.”

Should you take the risk? ALWAYS. Check it out! It’s free, and we guarantee you won’t regret it!

Check it out.


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