Show Us Your EN Tattoo and WIN!

Show us your EN pride! Photo courtesy of Michelle Dunn. Show us your EN pride! Photo courtesy of Michelle Dunn.

Did you snap a photo of yourself wearing one of the EN tattoos we passed out at the Insanity in the Middle Tailgate Presented by Tredstep Ireland at Rolex? Then you’re eligible for our most elusive and  sought after prize ever … FAME!

(Did you think we were giving away a $10,000 training grant? We’d like to.*)

The winner of this contest will get the Eventing Nation treatment: a deluxe front page story about you and your horse.  Join the ranks of eventing’s greatest legends who have peered out from from your screen beneath the Eventing Nation banner — a look of determination in their eyes and the “look of eagles” in their horses’.

We’ll do this even if you and your horse exhibit more of a “look of pigeons.”

You and your horse

One of our superstar writers will interview about your favorite subject: your horse! And it will be shared on a site that got nearly NINE MILLION page views in the past 12 months. Yep, way better than hanging ribbons on your stall door. We’ll include photos! Videos! Witty quotes (we can actually help you with those)!

How can this unbelievable prize be yours?

Show us your flags! (This is not John's bicep. No matter what he says.)

Show us your flags! (Not John’s bicep. No matter what he tells you.)

It’s time to Show Us Your Flags, Eventing Nation! Send pics of you wearing one of the EN tattoos to [email protected] with the subject line: “My flags.”

Deadline: Friday, May 9, 2014. Midnight EST

* If you’d like to sponsor the Eventing Nation Training Grant, please email us.

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