Monday Video: Bettina Hoy and Silva Martin Mic’d Up at Bruce’s Field

The EN team is in agreement here: we could listen to mic’d up lessons all day long (so keep ’em coming!)

Here we have a really great treat in getting to listen in as Boyd Martin is coached through his dressage warm-up aboard Fedarman B at the $50,000 Grand-Prix Eventing Festival at Bruce’s Field by not one, but two German dressage coaches!

Wife Silva Martin was joined by Olympian Bettina Hoy in telling Boyd to keep his hands down and elbows unlocked. Isn’t it nice to know that even the pros still hear some of the same things that us plebeians do in our own lessons day-to-day? If you pick up anything from this video, I think it’s proof indeed that the building blocks of riding stay the same all the way up the levels. Isn’t that a heartening though at you stay the course on the quest to keep your shoulders back?

Thank you Boyd, Bettina, and Silva for sharing!

GPE at Bruce’s Field: GPE WebsiteH&C+ Livestream ReplayEN’s Coverage

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