Big, Bold and Boozy: The Best of Burghley Social Media

Hands up if you’re feeling the post-Burghley blues, in which real life seems to pale in comparison to fence-hopping, celeb-spotting, vitamin D-topping glorious Stamford and its microcosmic eventing mecca. Yeah, us too — in fact, it’s only an endless stream of social media (okay, and the thought of WEG and Blenheim next week!) that’s keeping us from Bridget Jones-ing our lives away.


In an effort to keep you all away from the liquid joy — your body is a temple, after all — we’ve compiled some of our favourite social media moments from last week’s competition. Nostalgia mode: activated.

Now, you might think of four-star eventers as one-trick ponies (see what we did there?), but several of them demonstrated some remarkable hidden talents through the week. For example:

Exhibit A: Andrew Nicholson, news hound

Exhibit B: Tim Price, “drawer”

Exhibit C: Harry Meade, Strictly Come Dancing’s 2019 winner

Exhibit D: Lucinda Green, supergroom

There were some seriously caption-contest worthy moments, too:

Eventing fans and riders alike did a marvellous job of demonstrating the sheer scale of the pants-wettingly gigantic fences the competitors had to tackle on Saturday. Sure, sometimes the very best make these things look small, but we beg to differ…

The Morgan’s on the Picnic table #burghleyhorsetrials #Family

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#burghleyhorsetrials #bigfence #colouredcob

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There was frivolous photoshopping. Your hard-working UK correspondent is easily led astray by a bottle of wine and a bad idea.


There was plenty to do for animals of all shapes and sizes, too — including small, grey, badly-behaved rodents.

There was the very best house porn of all in the form of Burghley House, which basked in a perpetual golden glow and kept a close eye on proceedings — as well as hosting the most exclusive party of the autumn, of course.

Glad Rags on…..

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Many people will argue that fashion is just as important as function at an event like Burghley. We couldn’t agree more — but put your white jeans and feathered fedoras away, because there were some rather more unique options on show throughout the week…

Okay, okay, this hasn’t worked at all — we’re even desperate to go back to Stamford now. So we’ll leave you with this: Burghley’s own delightful little wrap-up video. All the best bits in under a minute. We’ll meet you at the booze cabinet.

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