Cooper is Coming Home

Jennie announced that Cooper is doing great and will be coming home from New Bolten tomorrow!  Read about that and much more in the live blog below.  Jennie was forthright and open, as always, in her discussion of the financial issues surrounding the surgeries, and in addressing her critics.  Cooper also made a cameo, check it out.
Thanks for visiting Eventing Nation!  A special welcome to new viewers, many of whom are visiting us for the first time this evening to watch our live blog with Jennie.  To our hundreds of regular readers: it’s always an honor.
Jennie will be giving clinics over the next two weekends to support the Cooper Fund.  The first is this weekend at Footlight Farm.  The second is at the farm of Lisa Thomas, and we will give you more info as we get it.  Auditing these clinics is a wonderful way to support a great cause and have a fun time over the weekend.

For more information on the Cooper Fund, visit Jennie’s website.  For more information on the Cooper situation, check out Jennie’s blog, and Eventing Nation’s coverage.  Thanks to Jennie for spending time with all of us tonight, and thanks to Lisa Thomas for all of her help.
As always, this Eventing Nation live blog is brought to you by Old Dominion Equine Associates, a great veterinary practice serving the Central Virginia Eventing community.  Old Dominion does work for all the top riders in the area and travels to all the major competitions. Eventing Nation is donating the proceeds of our live blog to the Cooper Fund, and, once again, Old Dominion has generously decided to double that donation.
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