Blogger Contest Round One: David Taylor

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David Taylor

Product Review: Kerrits Ice Fil Tech Tank

I, like most equestrians, have a slight obsession with apparel (I too am seeking help with my problem). Whether I’m schooling my horse around the farm or riding with a well know clinician, I want to look my best. This quest for a smart look often has me blurring the men’s/women’s equestrian clothing line.

Let’s be honest, in the grand scheme of things, guys are outnumbered in this world of horses.

When you head to the local tack shop there really isn’t much on the shelves for guys other than a couple of dusty show jackets, a few very expensive polo shirts, and the same 8 pairs of breeches that have been on the rack for 4 years. “Why do women get all the good stuff?” is a constant thought running through my head.

I decided to turn to the internet with my list of criteria for a trendy men’s riding shirt to write a product review about. The accursed search engine kept returning with women’s equestrian wear. One shirt in particular kept popping up. It met all of my criteria – except one… the word “men’s.” Frustrated by the lack of results that could be considered appropriate for a man; I decided to find out whether that ladies’ shirt was really as special as advertised.

I made a quick run to the local tack shop to see if they carried the Kerrits Ice Fil Tech Tank. And since this item wasn’t men’s wear, of course they had it, oh! and in 4 different colors, no less. I grabbed the largest size they had which happened to be in Caribbean (teal). I headed to the register, hoping they wouldn’t ask who the shirt was for (my wife is a size small). I quickly paid for it and headed to the barn.

Since my goal was to do a product review, I decided to do my due diligence in reporting on this great equestrian apparel item. I decided to put my humility aside and go all in! I put the shirt on — and noticed right away how light the fabric was. Upon making sure no one was around when I stepped outside, it became instantly clear that on this hot day this awesome fabric was quickly wicking away perspiration and leaving me feeling cool and fresh.

The shirt also has open mesh weave in high heat zones allowing increased airflow to cool me down even more. My favorite feature was the extended back, which means while in the saddle my lower back stays nicely covered keeping my college spring break ink out of sight. These are traits not often found in typical men’s equestrian apparel, and a pleasant surprise for me.

The material is nice and stretchy but not constricting. So when an afternoon ride has not gone as planned and the normal post-ride routine turns into a 6 pack and a large pizza, this shirt is able to handle my newly developed curves. To top it all off this shirt and all other Ice Fil Mesh shirts by Kerrits offer 30+ UPF sun protection.

If Kerrits ever enters the men’s equestrian wear market, a shirt made from this fabric and with these features, but in a different color palette could make a permanent home in my wardrobe.

I have no problem saying with certainty after an afternoon in this great shirt that women should get them in several colors to keep the sporty style going day after day. Once again, the ladies got the good stuff.